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Premier League Transfer Winners & Losers

How do you think your team stacked up this transfer window? Do they get a thumbs up or thumbs down?

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

The Premier League transfer window has slammed shut yet again, and now it's time to assess which teams successfully navigated the market and which have left their team in a bigger hole than when the window opened.

The list below lets you have your say by giving a thumbs-up to move teams closer to the top of the list, or a thumbs-down to move them in the opposite direction. You can reverse your votes at any time, but once you've chosen you won't be able to return to a neutral state once you've cast your vote.

What will your strategy be? Will you go for teams that have identified 3-4 key additions and brought them in regardless of cost (see: Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace), or for teams that have gone for a major overhaul (Liverpool, West Ham United, AFC Bournemouth, Manchester City)?

For me, as much as I hate to admit it, The Red Devils get my vote for best overall, while I'm afraid Burnley haven't done enough to convince me they have what it takes to survive this season.

Check out all of the completed transfers from this window and vote below!