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Fantasy Premier League: A plan to go Kunless for a fortnight

This time it's not because I think there is better value but simply his fantasy 2 game ban is more than I'm willing to take on the chin.

Dare you just bench Kun?
Dare you just bench Kun?
Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

We all knew the decision on selling Sergio Aguero would come at some point.  Traditionally it comes into play when his hamstrings or groin fails him and we face an estimated period without the game's elite fantasy player.  This time we at least know just how long Kun will be missing as he faces a three game ban for an out of control elbow in the 3-1 win over West Ham United.

The silver lining of the ban is that Kun will only face a two game ban from a fantasy players point of view with one game will be taken up by the English League Cup game.  Kun will return all being well for game week 6 when he travels to Swansea City.  The question for all of us is how do we handle this ban.  What plan can we have to bring Kun back into our lineups for week 6 if indeed that is what we all wish to do.

Fantrax is simple.  At 19m and with unlimited transfers he is the easiest of players to sell, plus we can hope his price slips a little further over the missing game weeks.

Official Fantasy Football is a much different proposition.  Our choices are dependent on the number of free transfers we have and the availability of the first wildcard.  As always the perfect plan is debatable but we can hope to devise the correct approach.

Your tactics will all depend on the tools available.  Should you hold just the one transfer the straight swap to an alternative forward maybe the move.  If you hold two you can consider using the extra money in your pocket to strengthen other areas.  Whichever, Ideally you will be planning to then build up towards 2 FT to use in week 6 where you can restore Kun to the lineup.  The issue will come if during weeks 4/5 you pick up injury or suspensions to any other member of your squad.  If you have a strong bench you can ride the storm but missing players for one reason or another can build up.  Selling Kun and hoping to get him back in is a weighted gamble then but this where holding the wildcard can be useful.  If you can resist holding onto your wildcard until after week 5, should Kuns return marry with a cluster of missing players within your squad then that very wildcard is the perfect answer to your problem.  The final choice and bold move is to bench him.  Of course you would need a pretty spectacular number of bench options to make it work.

For me my squad has given me a very good start and I hold 2 FT and 2.4m in the bank (Arsene Wenger would be proud).  My squad is as follows


Evans, Valencia, Stones, Williams, Friend

Hazard, Redmond, Walcott, Townsend, Capoue

Kun, Gray, Vardy

My Boro duo are injury doubts but I would play Foster for sure over the next two weeks and as for Friend I have cover.  In midfield Redmond may have done his job for me and I'd like to upgrade him.  It's attack with the current issues.  Kuns ban may be doubled by Andre Gray's punishment.  Gray faces a nice home game with Hull so would not only he not be sold if he escapes a ban but perhaps handed the armband.  I can't make any moves until I'm sure what ban if any Gray has.

Regardless I will be letting Kun go for now and as at least as he costs 13m to buy, I can sell him and pick up any other forward I want in the Premier League.

I went without Zlatan and now have an easy swap if it is to my liking.  A home game against Manchester City isn't an easy game to predict the result but City's aggressive attacking theory allows time and space on the counter.  While Manchester United haven't looked anywhere near the attacking force in my view that the hype tells me they have, I do expect them to create plenty of chances in the derby.   John Stones is a great talent on the ball but has been error prone when defending.  You would assume Zlatan looks to play against the young man and test his concentration, discipline and technique in what seems likely to be a white hot atmosphere.  The swede has big reputation for trying to get under defenders skin and in their minds.  Zlatan follows up the derby with a trip to Watford who have kept no clean sheets so far this season.

Elsewhere I could have a two week stab at Diego Costa who travels to Swansea who have conceded 5 goals and plenty of  chances in 3 games.  Next up he hosts Liverpool in a Friday night game.  Both games will offer chances for the temperamental forward and could see as many or more cards than goals.  As I already have Eden Hazard I'm not sut yet if I want to double up.  Whilst I wait Costa's price has risen to 9.7m but Chelsea certainly look a vibrant team under Conte and i'm tempted.

Then there is the Troll King himself Romelu Lukaku.  He has beautiful fixtures in Sunderland, Middlesbrough and even in Week 6 Bournemouth.  He needs a goal for confidence but if he nets  next Monday he may go on a run.

My plan so far is to use my two free transfers and hold onto my wildcard.  As you can see none of my three top forward picks are involved in the Champions League and as for Zlatan I would be surprised to see him playing much in the Uefa Cup. Kun's injury history is such that with a european game during the domestic ban I would rather use my wildcard after week 5 where in theory a fit Kun comes back into contention.

Should Gray get a 3 match ban then he will also go.   I may even take a 4pt hit to upgrade Redmond in addition but having said that I really am trying to avoid taking any hits this season.  I backed Barkley to blossom under Koeman and the signs are there is is doing just that.  Therefore I'm also toying with bring him in and I think If Gray avoids a ban then he may replace Redmond.  Mr Dimitri Payet playing 45 mins for France and he surely will come back for West Ham.  Finally I could double up on Arsenal by adding Ozil/Sanchez to Theo considering they play Southampton and Hull back to back.

How has the Kun news left your FPL squad looking.  Do you you have a brace of transfers and/or a wildcard to use?