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DraftKings Tips for Week 4

Watford v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

With a couple of the big teams having straightforward games this Saturday, it’s a good time to use your hard earned money to throw into a Draft Kings lineup. Oh, and there is that little game between the blue and red side of Manchester that my catch your fancy also. Let’s take a look at some of the top player and team picks, and maybe some players and teams to avoid for Draft Kings this weekend

Avoid the Manchester Derby

This may sound a little counter-intuitive but here me out on this one. This match is just too much of a crapshoot to call. Each team could easily take it, it could end up being a defensive affair, it could end up being a seven goal thriller. Nobody really knows, especially not this early in the season. This week I’m avoiding this fixture for a number of other reasons as well. Aguero is out and suspended for three matches, he’s usually a top choice for Draft Kings players. Going with the idea that this game is rather unpredictable, I’m too afraid to pick the United defense just to have Silva, De Bruyne, and Sterling run rampant on them. By the same token, I’m afraid of the City defense just to have Ibrahimovic score a hat trick. Same goes for the offense too, as I can pick the firepower that either team but this may end up being a classic Mourinho “park the bus” situation and the game ends up being a dud.

Go for Tottenham and Arsenal

Tottenham and Arsenal have what I would consider relatively easy games this weekend. Arsenal are at home to Southampton who have been less than impressive so far this year and Tottenham travel to Stoke City. Alexis Sanchez is going to be a good pick if you’re able to work him into your lineup, though he’s currently valued at $9,400 which will eat up a pretty good amount of your budget. A less expensive option on Arsenal can be Theo Walcott. Against Watford before the international break he registered an assist and three shots and ended up scoring 19 points total. That’s a solid return for a player that only costs $6,900 at the moment. For Tottenham, I’ve been liking what I’ve seen from Erik Lamela this year. There is a possibility that he doesn’t start though as he returned late from duty with the Argentine national team. If you spend the $7,500 on him and he does in fact start on the bench, there is a pretty good chance that either Vincent Janssen or Son Heung-Min can make the first team. The fact that they cost $7,400 and $4,500 respectively, means they’ll easily be able to slot into your team. Defensively for Tottenham, Danny Rose picked up a knock and will not be available against Stoke. A likely replacement can be Ben Davies who only costs $3,600 and can be a good defensive pick to free up a lot of cap room.

My Lineups this Week

As you can see I try to vary my lineups as much as possible, both in terms of players, teams and DraftKings contests. I tried to pick Sadio Mane as often as possible because I have a good feeling about Liverpool this week, and Mane has looked particularly dangerous this year. I picked Tom Heaton, the goalkeeper for Burnley in one team because he’s racked up fantasy points this year and they’re playing weaker opposition in Hull this week. The far right lineup is a bit of a wildcard, Mustafi may or may not start, but I’m banking on Arsenal getting a clean sheet with that choice. Benteke and Rondon worry me, both haven’t been necessarily prolific in a while and I’m really hoping for either one of them to show up.

So what have you guys got this week? Any lineups that are a must have? If so, I’ll share my winnings with you. Good luck!