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Flu strikes again and Payet/Bilic fall out as Big Sams luck changes

It's all bad at West Ham

West Ham United v Manchester United - Premier League
Missing in week 21
Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

First up apologies the player picks isn't up today. Computers and I have an uneasy relationship and today we had little disagreement. I will get my lump hammer out tomorrow and fix it, fix it good.

Today then a quick look at the problems wt West Ham United and fantasy implications.

Michael Antonio is the latest victim of football flu. Bilic confirmed he had a temperature and missed training. It's not an epidemic but the problem is growing and joking aside a damm frustration for a fantasy manager. He was due to be in my player picks for the week as I really liked his confidence, power and direct play against a Crystal Palace defensive struggling.

Meanwhile Bilic also confirmed that star player Dimitri Payet wants out

Payet has had attitude stories follow him in his career, but as ever this is just one side to the story and he has the right to reply.

What seems true is nobody's winning here. The Hammers miss their best player when they really need his positive influence. While the player loses match sharpness before any proposed move whilst damaging his image. Its possible the idea is to drive the bid for the player higher. Ultimately most of the time, players who truly want to move on do so. If he does either in this window or the summer the league will lose one of its most entertaining players after too short a period. Just take a look at what he can do with a piece of chewing gum

The Payet news is more problems for my FPL side. With Burnley and Hull at home in a set of fixtures I picked him expecting positive returns. They never arrived and now facing a helpful defence he will miss out. I do have other issues in my squad needing addressing so had no plans on selling him but that now must change. On the positive front he was expensive so I will get to buy a nice shiny new toy this weekend.

Finally when added to the mauling by Manchester City last week it brings Palace options into my thoughts particularly in Fantrax. It has the look an an away win to me.

Were/are any West Ham/Palace players in your thoughts?