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Premier League Live Chat: Game week 20

Get ready to moan about missing players

Liverpool v Manchester City - Premier League
Its Stall against Kun again

Our final game week has us all worried about rest and rotation. That worry convinced me to take two notable gambles in Fantrax when I suggested that was the wrong play. I've gone with


Dann, Yoshida, Kelly

Cabaye, KDB, Pogba, Chadli

Sanchez, Sturridge and Kane

Hopefully both KDB and Sturridge start and if they do I think they will do well. I've also banked on the Swansea run to continue by loading up on 3 defensive Palace options. Finally I couldnt resist Harry Kanes price drop considering what a streaky player he can be.

Most of all I have once again this season go Kunless. I'm 2-1 down on that move and history says I could be in for a rough day. With most of our NMA teams all having him it will at least make a difference one way or the other,

In FPL I made no changes looking to hold 2 transfers after the transfer window opens.


Evans, Pieters, Holgate

Siggy, Payet, Hazard, Eriksen

Zlatan, Benteke, Origi

I don't like it.

Its Boro v Leicester City to start us off and already there are multiple changes in the team selections.

Who do you have?