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Snodgrass to Burnley?

Will one of the better fantasy players move on before next midweek?

West Bromwich Albion v Hull City - Premier League
One of my fav's
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

News has broken today that Hull City have accepted a £10m offer from Burnley for star player Robert Snodgrass.

Snoddy at 29 years of age but with a game not based around pace he is a player that can be an effective real life player for a few seasons to come. In fantasy he is one of my favoured picks and the news he has joined a much more stable side in Burnley pricks my interest. Meanwhile, the mess that is happening at Hull just increases my view they remain a team to oppose both home and away in the coming fantasy weeks.

Snodgrass has scored 7 goals, provided 3 assists, created 45 chances and had 39 shots this season. By far Hull’s most crucial attacking player he should be looking to expand on these statistics in a side that have much more confidence about them.

At £16.84m in Fantrax he is a player I will likely only buy for home games but if the deal goes through adding £5.9m Snoddy to my FPL squad is a temptation.

What do you make of the move and fantasy implications?