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Sunday/Monday Live Chat

Plenty of fantasy interest in the remaining games

Manchester United v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League
Is he back?

We have three fixtures to go and two of the big boys face tricky away games in the winter.

Bournemouth v Liverpool

West Brom v Manchester United

Everton v Swansea

The trend with Klopp’s desire to rotate may have unsettled the side’s rhythm a little, but after back-to-back home draws they need a win. Mo Salah will have a few armbands on him while Philippe Coutinho has increasing owners.

Man Utd without Paul Pogba haven't looked the same attacking force in either of the periods he has been missing. This is the last of his 3-match ban, and they face a side who held Liverpool to a clean sheet last time. Romelu Lukaku finally scored midweek, so we see if this means his form is coming back or not.

Big Sam has turned Everton around very quickly, but here they now face an opponent they are expected to beat. A narrow 1-0 win either way looks likely.

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