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Week 25 Live Chat: Cold Weather, Hot Fantasy Points

When Hull City and Sunderland are the form sides of the last two game weeks you know anything can happen

Arsenal v Hull City - Premier League
Needing a win more than many fantasy managers
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

I go in week 25 with the following



Valenica, Holgate, Pieters

Siggy, Sanchez, Snoddy, Barkley

Benteke, Lukaku and Captain Zlatan cruuussssh

I saved my transfer for next week and I like my side today, we will see what that ends up meaning.



Smailling, Yoshida, Ranocchina

Coutinho, Siggy, Pogba, Micki

Zlatan, Jesus and Sanchez

Had little time to look at my side and its heavy on United but again I like it.

Lets chat