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Live Chat 27 and 28

One week ends while one just begins

Sunderland v Manchester City - Premier League
Time for a hatty?
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

The Manchester City v Stoke City is the final game of week 27 in FPL and the opening match of week 28 in Fantrax. I guess it was too much to ask that the games at least considered a game week the same but never mind onward and upwards.

The big team news is that as you would expect Pep has made changes to his starting lineup. David Silva and more of a problem to many FPL managers Raheem Sterling and John Stones find themselves benched. Kun starts and if you are like me holding the triple captain chip on his broad shoulders you will be expecting a midweek hatty.

In Fantrax I went for the following

Willy C

Olsson, Matip, Ranocchia

Coutinho, Snodgrass, KDB, Brady, Barkley

Kun, Firmino

As you can see I've taken a few gambles. KDB was high risk but he starts whoo hooo, Siggy and Lukaku two players many will have are not in my side (they are in my FPL team) making room for Snodgrass and Firmino would I think have slightly nicer fixtures.