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What a fantasy pick!

A long standing premier player gave a premier performance yesterday and guess which NMA veteran tipped him?

Southampton v Manchester City - Premier League
Is he coming back?
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

We don’t get as many members contributing in the comments section as would be nice, but often that’s part that I have always liked the most.

During yesterdays comments the walking conscience of NMA our Ken came up with a Fantrax pick that only he could - Vincent Kompany.

Priced at just 1m most of us doubted he would start, doubted he would keep a clean sheet even if he did and would have thought the chances of him not playing 90 were much higher than him actually scoring a goal.

Full time at St Marys with a Manchester City 3-0 win over Southampton and Kompany had returned all three, 90 minutes play, a clean sheet and a goal. 17 points for the once outstanding Belgian central defender and bragging rights for Mr KM.

Kompany when fit really is a Pep Guardiola style defender. Very comfortable on the ball, a strong passer and instigator of attacks from deep and at his his best a calm and imposing influence. Imagine how City’s title bid would have been this season had he been available week in week out.

With the FA Cup semi final next weekend a word or warning. After such a display you would expect him to start at Wembley against Arsenal. The question is would Pep risk him the following Thursday against Manchester United in the derby?

So Ken, as once was the Andy Gray catchphrase on UK television “You beauty, take a bow son”.