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Week 35 live chat : The battle for the top 4

Big weekend for Liverpool, City, United and the Gunners

Watford v Southampton - Premier League
Any chance of a Hatty please?
Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

It seems the battle for the 3rd and 4th Champions League spot may be the story that grows into the final day big event.

With the fantasy sides I have tried to avoid the potential rotation risks at the Manchester clubs which means the ever risky KUNLESS tactic.

Kun played into extra time against Arsenal in the cup and followed it with 97 minutes on Thursday night in the derby. Marcus Rashford played Thursday and is Utd's main weapon heading into their Europa Cup semi final midweek. Both would have been certain picks for me had those facts not been in place.



Evans, Yoshida, Pieters

Coutinho, Siggy, King, Tadic

Benteke, Kane, Gabbi (C)

My private league battle hasn't gone well and I now sit 60 points off the leaders. Its not over but with games running out I need a streak of perfect weeks. The captain temptation was to go with Kane against a Gunners side who still look low on self belief but I went for the razor sharp Southampton front man against leaking Hull who need to try and win games.



Bertrand, Ranocchia, Kelly

Coutinho, Townesend, Lanzini, Tadic

Gabbi, Kane, Rooney

I don't like it really but I think I may have 11 starters in a week where there are a few doubts.