FPL's Ridiculous Playoffs

Hi All. I used to be a frequent contributor to NMA, before the Yahoo Fantasy game went belly-up. Come to think of it, Yahoo the company hasn't been the same since YFF folded. But I digress.

This was my second season playing FPL, joining a random 20-team league in addition to Beat The Bloggers and a few others.

After a slow start in the 20-team league my team started to click, and I beat my opponents for 17 gameweeks in a row, clinching the league title after Gameweek 36.

Or so I thought.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that instead of being allowed to enjoy the fruits of my labo(u)r, I was thrown by FPL into a playoff with the second, third and fourth place teams. And as for teams 5-20, their seasons in the league were over with two EPL gameweeks still to go.

If that doesn’t work, try this. Imagine being Chelsea, and clinching the EPL title (as they did on Friday). But instead of being declared the winner, they are tossed into a playoff pool with Spurs, Man City and Liverpool, where any of those four sides could be crowned champion. And Arsenal, in fifth place, has its season end with no chance of moving up. That’s how I feel today, even though there was a good chance I would make it through the knockout rounds and win it all. It just isn’t EPL football.

When I complained to the Lords of FPL, all I got was a boilerplate reading of the rules. But the rules are so utterly ridiculous I never bothered to look for them. I just assumed that the team with the most points after Gameweek 38 would win, just like in the real EPL.

I demanded my FPL account be terminated but that hasn’t happened. And I thought about expediting the process by changing my team name to an obscenity. But I didn’t.

So who’s responsible for this fiasco? I suspect EA Sports, which operates FPL for the Premier League. With their American roots, maybe they thought it would be fun to add an element of Major League Baseball to the proceedings. Well it’s not football, and it’s not fun.

So my EPL season is over, and I don’t even care who wins my league. Because in my mind, and according to EPL rules, I won. But I’m through with FPL. So maybe I’ll see you all next season, playing a different fantasy game.

Best of luck to you all.