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Lets celebrate this years winners

Chelsea v Sunderland - Premier League
Not the only champ crowned
Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Season 2016/17 is in the books and it's time to the champ's the guard of honour.

FPL - Show Me Da Mane - Adeem

Adeem had a fantastic season scoring 2359 pts in total. That put him in a global position of 2766 place.

Adeem has been an ever present in the comments section so its great to see someone giving back to the community getting the glory.

  1. Show Me Da Mane - 2359
  2. Ct FC - 2343
  3. Fc Yalobusha - 2338
  4. Klopp's Kop - 2322

Fantrax - Cptjack

The captain lead the the Fantrax rankings for a while and won with plenty to spare finishing 112 points clear of second place.

  1. Cptjack - 4126
  2. Da Blues - 4014
  3. Cooldude991 - 4005
  4. Stall Express (you beat me by 2pts Adeem grrrrrr) - 4003

Bench league

We also had the Fantrax bench league run by Alehouse Wags. Aleshouse, how about putting up a fanpost for your league, the winners and how you felt the league operated in its first season. If you can I will put it up on the front page for you.

Player of the season

Player of the season goes to Adeem, who had an incredible season in both games. I bang on about consistency in real life top players and the same holds trues for a fantasy player. Get ready for to give the advice next season Adeem!

Thank you

Its been a tough season at NMA. We have lost a few writers and due to that our output of articles dramatically dropped. In turn the number of posts in the comments section have declined. Its the talk in the comments section based on our posts that the writers I enjoy the most and for those of you who consistently (that word again) posted, thank you.

Hopefully we can provide more content in the next few months. We will post articles through the summer and hope you keep in touch with your views moving forward rather then waiting for the launch of next season's games in July to join in. If you love fantasy football then trust me, its fun posting.