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Week 36 Live Chat: Early Start, Late Finish, One Extra Game

Things kick off Friday and the extended game week doesn’t end until Wednesday, so there’s days and days of fun in store!

MLS: All-Star Game
After nabbing nine saves last weekend, Cech gets two chances for more
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


West Ham v. Tottenham


Manchester City v. Crystal Palace

Bournemouth v. Stoke City

Burnley v. West Bromwich Albion

Hull City v. Sunderland

Leicester City v. Watford

Swansea v. Everton


Liverpool v. Southampton

Arsenal v. Manchester United


Chelsea v. Middlesbrough


Arsenal v. Southampton

Do you see a problem there? Southampton and Arsenal both play Sunday and Wednesday. Why not have them play their first games on Friday or Saturday? You’re telling me the league couldn’t have slightly rescheduled those games a few weeks back to give them a little more rest? (Especially with both teams also playing Saturday, May 13.) Rubbish, I say, rubbish!

Even if the fixture congestion makes it impossible to guarantee two starts for your favored players, you still better be loaded up on Gunners and Saints!

My teams:

OFFICIAL: Cech / Alonso, Gabriel, Stephens / King, Sanchez (TC), Sane, Son / Costa, Gabbiadini, Kane / BENCH: Jakupovic, Clichy, Moses, Walker

FANTRAX: Cech / Bertrand, Koscielny, Stephens, Yoshida / Ozil, Ramsey, Tadic / Gabbiadini, Jesus, Sanchez

Here’s hoping for a better double game week haul from Arsenal/Southampton than the recent Crystal Palace/Manchester United/Middlesbrough double that left me wanting.

Which fixtures are you banking on? Join in the chat below!