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Who will your Manchester City forward be in week 37?

Is Kun done and have you the faith in Jesus or is the old master your choice if fit for 37?

Middlesbrough v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

It's a topic we have covered on and off since the January arrival of Gabriel Jesus to Manchester City. The older lion who reigns against the younger lion who wants his spot.

Week 38 is double week and City have back to back home games against Leicester City and West Brom. They also have them just as they have the look of a side that are finding rhythm. That rhythm has coincided with the return to the first team of Vincent Kompany since when the side has looked much more secure plus playing with authority since the captains regained fitness.

Kun has recently spoken to Sky Sports about the difficulties he has faced adapting to the requirements of Peps system.

"The thing I’ve found the hardest has been getting into my head the fact that I have to press the centre-back and the goalkeeper in matches, that’s what Pep asks me to do.

“It may not be a big deal, but in terms of processing it, the two of us speak a lot. He knows what I’m like. I’ve been gradually learning and adapting to that style of pressing over the last few months.

“The first thing he taught me was how to press and how to do it well. Obviously there are times when I might drift out of position or I might press in an area where I’m not supposed to be, which might make it hard for the wingers or midfielders.

“In the game itself, I may not realise because I’m so immersed and you can’t stop yourself. I’ve learnt a lot from him in terms of zones. He asks me to play as a number nine and to stay in that position. I often drift out wide during matches and he looks at me and says, ‘If there’s a player out wide who wants to cross it in, who’s in there? Nobody.’

“I’ve been adapting this year and so has the team. The team has adapted to a different style of play. Every coach has his own style of play. The style under Pep is more attacking. Maybe I get more goalscoring chances and there’s more for me to do. I always have to be ready to press and it can be tough because I can’t see what’s going on behind me and the centre-backs put pressure on me. It’s very tough.

“I have to focus on my distribution when I receive the ball and make sure that I lay it off well, while thinking about who is around me. There are many things going through my head. I’ve learnt a lot about that. At the start, I misplaced a lot of passes to the players supporting me, which I’ve learnt from. That’s how you learn. You learn more year-on-year even when you get older, and I’m already old.”

Interesting reading and it gives us a look into the mind of both Pep and Kun himself. With that you can add the eye test to the mix and while Kun has still scored goals this the points he raise din his interview can often be seen watching live games. To many Fantasy players it doesn't make sense playing Kun this way but that is the whole point with Pep at city, he believe in a system a buying or developing players to play that system. He doesn't seem to believe in adjusting his tactics to the players strengths/weaknesses.

So with two home game we will want plenty of City attacking coverage. For the point of debate, assuming Kun is fit do you think Pep will play the pair? will it be one starting game each? Do you think Pep would after the teams best performance of the season?

Poll below but give us your reasons in the comments section.


If both are fit, will you choose Kun, Jesus or both?

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