Fantrax NMA+Bench League Returns for 2017-18 Season

Fantrax League: 1wp5omhgj5462noj
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For those who missed it last year, the NMA +Bench Fantrax League allows an expanded roster (2G + 5D + 6M + 4F) and then scores the best players at each position (1G + 3D + 4M + 3F). This "best of" scoring is a "beta test" feature at Fantrax that worked for each individual week, but (last year) had trouble summing points across multiple weeks (so I did it myself).

I'm hoping that Fantrax has fixed its code to accumulate week-to-week correctly. If not, then I can reuse my spreadsheet to total the weekly earnings myself again and announce "real" rankings both on the league page and here at NMA.

Note: Last year's owners and their team names are already copied in (but rosters are empty). If you want to change your team name, go to TEAM -> "My Alerts & Preferences".

If you managed a team in my league last season and have any advice on how to improve the league settings, please let me know. I'd like to fix oversights / errors before the 1st week's games.

One thing I've already done is to set the minimum salary to 3k and then recalc all salaries. I'll be ratcheting down the minimum by 100 each week until it bottoms at 1k sometime around Xmas. Sadly, this means that the intro salary for new players has dropped to 3k, but that was going to happen in the 1st recalc after week 1 anyway (it's a known Fantrax weakness that default salaries have no inertia).

Let the draft begin.

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