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Join the NMA Writing Team!

Are you a rabid fan of the Premier League? Are you a passionate fantasy manager? Do you want to share your knowledge and advice? Become a part of our team as a writer for Never Manage Alone!

England fans
Who doesn’t love seeing their work on screen adored by cheering throngs of fans?
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Have you ever read any of the numerous columns at Never Manage Alone or elsewhere and found yourself thinking, “Why, those writers sure are savvy, but hey, I reckon I’m just as whip-smart as they are?” Well, if that’s the case, we’d love to add you to our team!

Responsibilities & Expectations:

  • A passion for football a.k.a. soccer, particularly the Barclays Premier League
  • A love of fantasy sports, again particularly BPL
  • The ability to contribute at least one post each week on a rotating array of topics (player picks, live chat, etc., including any fresh ideas of yours and/or a preferred focus if you have one) [it’s not a hard rule about one post per week, as we do understand that vacations, craziness at work/school and other things happen; it’s just a general expectation for most of the season]


  • A creative mind and willingness to bring new ideas to the table
  • Interest in writing about other fantasy games (such as Major League Soccer, Champions League, Euros, World Cup, etc.)
  • Interest in writing about other Premier League fantasy portals (Fantrax, Togga, etc.)
  • Writing experience, especially in journalism or online blogging
  • Social media skills (Facebook & Twitter)

How to Apply:

If you are interested in writing for Never Manage Alone and can meet the expectations outlined above, please send an email with the subject line “NMA Writer Application” to Please also include the following:

  • A brief description (who you are, where you are/where you are from, what gives you joy, what you bring to the table, etc.)
  • What fantasy leagues and portals you would like to write about
  • Your background with writing/journalism/blogging, if any, and one or two writing samples or links, if applicable
  • Your SBNation username (please create an account if you haven’t already)

Please note that the available writing position(s) is/are unpaid. The season starts August 11, so be sure to send in your application as soon as possible.

We’re looking forward to having you as part of our team if you’re selected, but if not we do hope that you join in with FanPosts and Comments!