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Fantrax Football is Live:
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The game with the rules we love is back, come join us.

Burnley v Manchester United - Premier League
OB can get it done in the Fantrax points system.
Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

If you enjoy a fantasy football game with a little meat on the bones when it comes to the ways you can accumulate points, then give Fantrax Fantasy Football a try

In addition to goals, clean sheets, assists, and saves scoring you points, the Fantrax game offers returns for successful crosses, tackles won, fouls won, fouls conceded, passes intercepted, corners won and shots on target etc etc.

By doing so the game will make you consider those less glamorous players, those that can be a force in a match but not involved in highlights show. Those players whose work rate matches the expectation of the average working class fan can rack up the phantom points. All of this opens out your choices each week, allowing you to adjust your tactics beyond the template teams we often see in other formats.

Often we can see the average NMA manager commenting how the likes of Robbie Brady or Wilfred Ndidi performances see them outscoring the players who scored the game’s goals. Pure fantasy football fun.

If you are playing the game for the first time and have any question, put them in the comments section along with your draft teams.

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