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Game Week 5: Saturday Live Chat

Sunday may have the sexiest pair of games between top teams, but today’s slate of games should offer the best chance for fantasy spoils!

Crystal Palace Press Conference
He wasn’t England’s savior. Can he save Crystal Palace or will he be left scratching his head again?
Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

Bournemouth v. Brighton on Friday had a bit of action, but you probably didn’t get much fantasy value out of it. Sunday gets the high profile games in Chelsea v. Arsenal and Manchester United v. Everton, but those could easily end up as tight, low-scoring affairs without too much in the way of fantasy spoils either. Today’s games, on the other hand, feature a trio of the league’s top teams against lesser competition that could be blown away, leaving loads of potential points for the taking!

Crystal Palace v. Southampton

After Bournemouth’s victory yesterday, Crystal Palace is now the only winless team left. Let’s see how long it can go! After Frank “We Hardly Knew Ye” De Boer’s sacking, Roy “England Fans Wish They Never Know Ye” Hodgson becomes Palace’s 15th manager since 2010. Read that again. Now tell me how long you expect him to be there and how long you think the winless streak can last.

Huddersfield Town v. Leicester City

Apparently Huddersfield will not keep its opponents scoreless all season, and they probably won’t repeat the Leicester City miracle of 2015/16, so there goes that dream. The preseason relegation favorites find themselves in sixth place at home hosting a Tigers team stuck just outside the relegation zone at 17th, so this will help tell us if the Terriers are for real and if the Tigers really aren’t.

West Bromwich Albion v. West Ham United

After last weekend’s battle of the Albions, this time it’s the clash of the Wests. (Who’s got a Kanye/Kim joke at the ready?) Brom’s defensive prowess buckled last weekend, they allowing three goals in one match after only allowing one goal in the three prior. Meanwhile, Ham busted out of its offensive funk with a pair of goals after scoring only two combined in its trio of lead-up tilts. Thus, east is west, north is south, up is down, in is out and who the heck knows what to expect in this affair?

Liverpool v. Burnley

Burnley held on for dear life in securing last weekend’s clean sheet against Palace at Turf Moor, but this one’s at Anfield where Liverpool will desperately want to rinse out the taste of last week’s 5-0 drubbing at the Etihad. Culprit Sadio Mane will not be available (1st of a 3 match suspension), but some guy named Philippe Coutinho may just be able to fill his boots. Roberto Firmino owners will hope that he’s forgotten about his missed penalty against Sevilla, and more importantly that James Milner or someone else doesn’t take over PK duty should any be awarded.

Newcastle v. Stoke City

This game should be free. On TV, streaming, at the gate, however you can get it, if you really actually want to watch it, then you should not have to pay for it or the Clockwork Orange calipers you’ll need to keep your eyes open. My money’s on 1-1 via competing (not competitive) own-goals.

Watford v. Manchester City

It’s second place Manchester City traveling to... fourth place Watford?! Really, Watford’s in fourth place?! Yes, this game actually has serious Champions League implications!!! Well, probably not. It’s only the fifth game of the season. But Watford’s +4 goal differential equals Spurs’, and betters Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton and a host of others. So, while the Citizens will rightly come in as favorites, keep an open mind about this clash.

Tottenham v. Swansea City

As usual, Harry Kane didn’t score in August. Then when the calendar flipped, he nabbed a brace against Everton and another against Borussia Dortmund in Champions League action. So, um, yeah, it’s definitely time to feel bullish about the Spurs talisman, particularly with the Swans visiting Wembley. Dele Alli is well-rested after missing out on the midweek action due to suspension, so don’t forget about him.

Which fantasy players do you have going today? How do expect the games to turn out? Who missed a Friday deadline and needs a virtual hug? Let us know in the comments below!