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Breakup or Makeup? FPL relationship advice

Should we give another chance, or is it time to move on from our former FPL loves like De Bruyne and Aguero?

AFC Bournemouth v Manchester City - Premier League
One more chance?
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

"Let's stay together

Loving you whether

Times are good or bad

Happy or sad"

For many, deciding whether one should sustain or disembark from a relationship will probably be one of the hardest and most tumultuous decisions we'll ever have to make. Sometimes we may drift between cumulus clouds of uncertainty. In the end, more times than many, we simply end up in a place where we just can't pull the trigger. You know you've been there. Come on — admit it.

As with anything we care about, we invest treasured time and sink sizable finances into our relationships at the expense of other seemingly better options. On the flip-side, in attempts to guard against soul exposing intimacy, it is not uncommon for some of us to purposely sabotage ourselves and bet against the survival of the relationships we have taken our time to cultivate.

Managing relationships is hard stuff...

But... before you delve deeper into your subconscious and ponder thoughts of why you and your high school girlfriend should be together today, permit me to discuss some key relationships that we have all shared with a select few in the FPL player pool. Let us collectively reflect on the many great times we have shared with some of these demi-gods and assess whether it's time for a change or whether we should be patient and wait for things to get better.

Harry Kane

Back to back Golden Boot winner, and yet another putrid August. £12.5 is the cost for the most expensive player in the Official FPL game, with a return of four points on that investment. There have been massive sales of Kane during this international break, and you're wondering if you should stick with him during the bad times. He has already scored in September (for England), and he has games against Everton, Swansea, and West Ham next. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the Champions League is about to begin, and Tottenham's striker rotation risk was magnified by the signing of Fernando Llorente.

Recommendation: If using the wildcard bring in Alli or Eriksen to free up some cash for now but be ready for the hot streak later, then Kane is the epitome of “Should I stay or should I go?” Many sleepless nights ahead.

Sergio Aguero

The amazing Aguero still owns the best goals-per-minute ratio in Premier League history. However, his last three seasons have seen his scoring go from 26 to 24 to 20 goals. Priced at £11.5, he is still a good investment in a team we expect to lead the league in scoring.

Recommendation: With the wealth of options available to his manager, I believe we are in for a rare season when Aguero does not deliver on 20 goals. The cheaper Gabriel Jesus may be the better option.

Alexis Sanchez

"Can somebody tell me how to get things back to the way they used to be?”

Surely these are the words Arsene Wenger has been muttering verbatim since the close of the transfer window. Priced at £11.9, does Alexis deserve our love and trust?

Recommendation: Staying at Arsenal is certainly better for his fantasy prospects, albeit sans hope of Champions League glory. Lord Sanchez will get all the minutes he wants, and if his attitude and desire do not deteriorate, he will still produce the point hauls we have come to expect from this talisman. Worth a gamble.

Kevin De Bruyne

The most transferred out player of the international break. My pick for player of the season. (Why are you intent on hurting me Kevin?) My season forecast for the £9.9 priced Belgian talent was (10) goals and fifteen (15) assists as the minimum. He has nothing to show after three games.

Recommendation: Playing deeper in the midfield, he may not get the goals, but I still expect the assists. It may be time to move on from KDB and find your points in the boot of another.

Leighton Baines

A solid source of points over the years, the left back continues to have an elevated profile by nature of him being a penalty and set piece taker. Does the addition of Gylfi Sigurdsson change things drastically? And can Everton increase clean sheets after spending big on Jordan Pickford and Michael Keane?

Recommendation: Stick with Baines. He is one of the best in the £6.0 bracket, and Everton's schedule improves greatly from week 6.

Who are some of the players you are debating giving another chance or moving on from? Let me know below.