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Game Week 7: Saturday Live Chat

We seek to cruise comfortably and avoid crashing into the international break.

Manchester City v Shakhtar Donetsk - UEFA Champions League
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Buckle your seat belts and strap on your crash helmets, the pace in fantasy land should be electric today. An epic clash between two title hopefuls kicks off today at Stamford Bridge, and you don’t to miss it (those going to shows in Amsterdam are excused).

Here's three things to look for while we prepare our assortment of snacks and choice beverages.

Champions League (tired) legs

Four(4) teams playing today faced midweek fixtures with Manchester City being the only ones who were lucky to have been at home. Tottenham and Manchester United made treks to Cyprus and Russia, while Chelsea faced a tough battle in Madrid. Will rotation and fatigue have an impact?

Will the midfielders show up?

The wealth of points flowing from the striker position makes any combination of the game's five (5) most expensive strikers seem the smart choice based on current form. Will much-touted midfielders capture the fantasy points? Hazard, Mahrez, Lanzini, Shaqiri, Tadic: these players need to start performing and contributing with urgency.

Will an Aguero replacement step up?

Jesus, Sane, Sterling all have the form, and now they will have more minutes. Will someone from another team tempt us away from getting a direct Manchester City replacement?

Saturday lineup

Huddersfield vs Tottenham

Bournemouth vs Leicester

Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

Stoke vs Southampton

West Brom vs Watford

West Ham vs Swansea

Chelsea vs Manchester City

Well my green tea is ready, what are you watching out for today?