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Game Week 22: Monday/Tuesday Live Chat

Better in 2018?

West Ham United v Newcastle United - Premier League
Two games.
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Happy New Year friends! Great to be with all of you for the first games of 2018.

Fantasy managers are not starting the year in a great place due to the news that Mo Salah is out for the trip to Burnley. The top scorer in Official FPL is possibly out for two weeks.

Additionally, reports suggest Harry Kane might miss the first of two games this week for Tottenham. Triple captain chips will be used aplenty, finger nails will be chewed, and pepto bismol will be on standby to see if he takes the field.

Yesterday saw the phenomenal Manchester City win streak come to an end, sadly we may now see the streak of Kevin De Bruyne starting every game also come to its end.

Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Inrahimovic will be missing for Manchester United, so Athony Martial will have opportunity to become the main man after Marcus Rashford failed to impress as Lakuku’s sub on the weekend.

That's all the bad news out the way, I hope you are prepared. Let's have some fun in 2018 climbing the tables of our respective mini league.


Monday Fixtures:


Tuesday Fixtures


I took an eight point hit this week selling Salah to bring in Kane. How have you been affected by recent events? Have you used the free hit chip? It's great to begin the year with the beautiful game, let's chat.