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UEFA Champions League Matchday 4 Tues / Wed Live Chat

Champions League Matchday 4 is underway and we are at the business end of the competition. Tune in now for the live chat.

Harry Kane - Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

The Champions League is back, and we are now at the business end of the competition. This is the psuedo 2nd leg of the double header as teams play each other again since the group fixtures have turned around.

While teams like Juventus, Dortmund and Porto will be gunning to sew up qualification to the knockout stage, it is do-or-die time for teams like Spurs who have so far faltered in the competition.

There are also some enticing match-ups on the calendar, Napoli vs PSG, Juventus vs Manchester United and Inter vs Barcelona to name a few. But this is Champions League football where the very best teams play, so take your pick and enjoy the action.

Football.... Lovely football!


Here are all of the fixtures for UEFA Champions League Matchday 4:

Tuesday 6th November


Wednesday 7th November


Which match(es) will you watch? Which have your fantasy assets? Who’s your captain? What changes are the matches suggesting for your fantasy teams? Please talk to us in the comments!