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UEFA Champions League Matchday 6 Tue / Wed Live Chat

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Some teams are battling for a chance to go through to the all-important knockout stage, while others are merely playing for pride. Your fantasy teams are guaranteed to have plenty on the line, so you’ll surely be glued to your TV sets!

Mohamed Salah - Liverpool FC - Premier League
Mo Salah and Liverpool just took over 1st place in the EPL. Can that momentum lead to a big Champions League win?
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The group stage has been exciting as always, chock full of surprises, while much has gone to form. Now there is one last chance to determine which 16 teams go through and who among them are seeded as group winners.

Which teams will advance in the Champions League? Who will claim spots in Europa League? And which sides will head back home to focus on domestic glory? Which big stars, role players, grizzled veterans and up-and-comers are ready to help or hurt your fantasy sides?

Here are the fixtures for Matchday 6:


Tuesday 11th December


Wednesday 12th December


Be sure to join us in the comments below as you watch the action unfold live!