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Game Week 28: Saturday Live Chat

Football... Crystal ball

Deulofeu - Watford - Premier League
Finishing Strong
Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Welcome to “savant Saturday” friends. Can we make that a thing? No? OK. Liverpool are the only top-six team to play today, which means shrewd fantasy managers have selected players from the lesser teams who can produce the points to make up for the sometimes dull affairs that may be ahead when the top teams face each other.

Allow me to be honest for a second, my spirits are down heading into this game week. In position 291, I’m sitting far off my top-100 goal in the Beat The Bloggers FPL league, and I’m losing hope at a rapid rate. Manchester United are playing some really bad football, albeit still in second place and with a home leg to play in the Champions League. To top it off, Leicester vs Stoke is the type of fixture that would encourage me to sleep a little later for once on a Saturday if I weren’t spending it with you.

I don’t know many ways to get out of this funk (Harney & Sons Organic Green Tea helps), so the way we’re gonna give this morning a jolt is by making some very bold predictions. It’s OK to question my sanity in the comments. I won’t mind, let’s go.

1. At least four goals in the Watford vs Everton fixture.

Expecting a shootout in this one — both Theo Walcott and Gerard Deulofeu are in my team, so selfishly I’m not opposed to this.

2. The Liverpool front-three shines.

Many, including myself have high hopes for Juergen Klopp and his men this gameweek. They have in form players, the best fixture of the big six, and surely the captaincy hopes of a large number of managers. I expect Salah, Firmino and Mane to each net in this one.

3. Goals in unexpected places.

With several “six pointers” on the schedule today, a wins for several teams will do wonders for the rest of season. Managers like Rafael Benitez, Chris Hughton, and Mauricio Pellegrino play not to lose. Today I think it changes, and of the following low scoring six teams: Newcastle, Brighton, Swansea, Southampton, West Brom, and Huddersfield, I’m going to say at least three score two goals today.

Get on your betting website folks, let’s have a good time watching these games.


Saturday lineup


Which of you brave souls has some bold predictions of your own? Bring your best in the comments while we enjoy the fixtures.