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Week 31 Official FPL Player Picks

How to be great, when there’s only eight

Andrew Robertson - Liverpool - Premier League
The front three or me?
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

“When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control how you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.” — Unknown

This is the demanding task facing us this week friends, with only 40% of teams playing, we have to devise a plan that will produce green arrows. Some of us would have been working on this for weeks while others simply use the free hit chip.

Presently I have seven players who have matches in week 31, and I intend to make two transfers with a four point hit to get to nine. I am saving my free-hit chip for a later, possibly double week because I don’t see too many “must-have” players that require me to make massive changes just now. Liverpool are the only big-six team with a fixture, at home to Watford. Andrew Robertson and Mo Salah are currently in my squad and will surely be joined by Sadio Mane or Roberto Firmino. Having three of Juergen Klopp’s men is a must whether you will have a full eleven or as few as seven players.



Jonas Lossl (£4.6, Huddersfield v. Crystal Palace)

Clean sheet last week, with good future fixtures make him one to buy.



Nathan Ake (£5.1, Bournemouth v. West Brom)

A home game against the lowest scoring team in the division. Get him in.

Moritz Bauer (£4.5, Stoke v. Everton)

The Everton attack is inconsistent a clean sheet in very possible.

Andrew Robertson (£4.9, Liverpool v. Watford)

Completing the defense with another player who has a home game.



Wilfried Zaha (£6.8, Crystal Palace at Huddersfield)

Heard a stat the team has earned a total of one point in games he hasn’t played. Will surely be in from the start.

Xerdan Shaqiri (£6.4, Stoke v. Everton)

If Stoke are to avoid relegation, he will have to maintain his recent form until the end.

Mo Salah (£10.6, Liverpool v. Watford)

Sadio Mane won’t be a bad choice either.

Junior Stanislas (£5.9, Bournemouth v. West Brom)

A well taken goal last week makes him the must have cherries pick.



Cenk Tosun (£6.7, Everton at Stoke)

Goals in his last two. He may be for real if given opportunities by the manager.

Roberto Firmino (£9.5, Liverpool v. Watford)

Will any of you have the entire Liverpool front three?

Steve Mounie (£5.8, Huddersfield v. Crystal Palace)

Debated who would get the final spot in our team, Huddersfield have done well recently against lower half teams so Mounie gets the pick.

Did you use the free hit? Do you have eleven starters or will you be shorthanded this week? Let us know in the comments.