FPL 2017/18: Double Gameweek Strategies and Chips Usage for the Season Run-in

Finally, after a few days of delay, the dates for DGW34 are here!

DGW34: (Most favourable to least)

  • ManUtd (WBA bou)
  • Leicester (bur SOT)
  • Chelsea (sot bur)
  • Spurs (MCI bha)
  • Burnley (LEI CHE)
  • Brighton (cry TOT)
  • Southampton (CHE lei)
  • Bournemouth (liv MUN)

There are however, 12 matches yet to be scheduled, which will be set by 3rd April before GW33. They are widely believed to fall into GW37, but brace yourselves for possible surprises...

Probable DGW37: (Most favourable to least)

  • City (HUD BHA)
  • Arsenal (BUR lei)
  • Spurs (wba NEW)
  • ManUtd (bha whu)
  • Leicester (WHU ARS)
  • Chelsea (LIV HUD)
  • Swansea (bou SOT)
  • Southampton (eve swa)
  • Newcastle (wat tot)
  • West Ham (lei MUN)
  • Brighton (MUN mci)
  • Huddersfield (mci che)

Groupings of teams:

(D at the front - double gameweek in GW34 | B - Blank gameweek in GW35 | S - Single gameweek in GW35 | D at the back - probable double gameweek in GW37)

Group A - DBD (MUN / TOT / CHE / LEI / SOT / BHA)

Group B - DSS (BUR)

Group C - SSS (LIV players + CPL / EVE / STO / WAT / WBA punts)

Group D - SSD (MCI / ARS / NEW / SWA / WHA )

Group E - DBS (BOU)

Group F - SBD (HUD)

* Both Group E & F will not be included as most likely nobody wants them.

First of all, there are generally 2 paths which everyone will take:

(Acronyms: WC - Wildcard | BB - Bench Boost | TC - Triple-Captain | FH - Free-Hit)

Path 1:

(Wildcard chip intact, or activated already)

1.1 - Free-Hit chip intact


1.1.1 (WC32 or 33 + BB 34 + FH 35 + TC 37)

GW32 or 33: WC at least (9 or 10)A + 6(B+C)

DGW34: BB with (2 or 1) free transfer(s)


DGW37: at least 9A + 2D with 2 free transfers (TC Kane/Aguero)

1.1.2 (WC32 or 33 + FH 35 + Interchangeable BB & TC in GW34 or GW37)

GW32 or 33: WC 13 (A+C) + 2B



DGW37: trade 2B for 2D with the 2 free transfers if Bench Boosting

*This is a variation of 1.1.1, should you can't decide when to use which chip yet, or you want flexibility of more choices for both double gameweeks...


1.1.3 (FH 34 + WC 35 + BB 37)


BGW35: WC 4A + 11D

DGW37: BB with 2 free transfers

*This is when you've probably used up your TC chip...

1.1.4 (WC32 or 33 + FH in 34 + BB 37)

GW32 or 33: WC at least 11(B+C+D) + 4A


BGW35: 11(B+C+D)

DGW37: BB with 3 free transfers

*This is probably useful should you want Arsenal and City players now...


1.1.5 (WC32 or 33 + BB 34 + FH in 37)

GW32 or 33: WC at least 11(B+C+D) + 4A


BGW35: 11(B+C+D)


*Also the same reason as 1.1.4, but you want to BB earlier...

1.2 - No Free-Hit chip

1.2.1 (WC32 or 33 + BB 34)

DGW34: 9A + 3B + 3(C+D)

BGW35: 3B + 3(C+D) + 1 free transfer

DGW37: + 2D with 2 free transfers

*There can be more variations here, as the number of players who blanks or having a double varies...

1.2.2 (TC 34 + WC 35 + BB 37)

DGW34: already assembled at least 11(A + B + C)

GW35: WC 4A + 11D

DGW37: BB with 2 free transfers

Path 2:

(No Wildcard)

2.1 - Free-Hit intact

2.1.1 (BB in 37)

Do a FH in DGW34 while focus on gathering as many DGWers as possible for DGW37, and BB there...

2.2 - No Free-Hit chip

Focus on DGW37. Sorry, nothing much I can think of...

My thoughts:

At this time, my wildcard has already been activated according to plan, as my team after GW31 was in a really bad shape.

My Current WC Team: (I got a low TV, so you guys should do better...)

McCarthy / DDG

Vertonghen / Morgan / Christensen / Bailly / Lowton

Son / Mahrez / Willian / Salah / Gudmundsson

Vardy / Lukaku / Murray

The Template Team currently, from what I've gathered is:

GK: DDG / (Ryan|McCarthy)

DEF: (Bailly|Smalling) / (Alonso|Christensen) / (Mee|Tarkowski|Lowton) / Morgan / Schelotto / Vertonghen / Cedric / Robertson

MID: Salah / Son / Willian / Mahrez / (Gudmundsson|Groß)

FWD: Aubameyang / Vardy / Lukaku / Firmino / (Wood|Barnes|Murray)

The rescheduled dates for DGW34 was disappointing, as we've lost Arsenal's favourable matchups, as well as Swansea's 2 home matches, not to mention Newcastle's enablers as well. Currently I'm going with Plan 1.1.2 with 12 from A, Salah and 2 from B. This is not ideal as I do not have Arsenal and City's favourable matchups in GW37. I do plan to bring in players from the 2 teams, especially Kane to TC in 37.

I do like Plan 1.1.4 however, as I can not only get those Arsenal and City favourable matchups, I can also ignore DGW34, using the FH instead for that purpose, and have 3 free transfers to adjust. I do need to think of when to use the TC chip though. However, there are other concerns which I'll share below...

Some concerns:

As we all can see, those without the Free-Hit chip is in a worrisome state, as Burnley is the only team that has a double in GW34 and does not blank in GW35. However, all is not lost as shown previously in BGW31, for if you pick the right players that has the form and fixtures, you can prevail through the blanks. But, taking hits will be a must I think.

If Arsenal progress through to the Europa semis or the final, then even though Aubameyang seems to be a must-have, as he is ineligible for Europe, he might find himself surrounded by lesser teammates, if Wenger decides to focus on Europe instead.

City should wrap up the title by around DGW34, and if so, how will Pep rotate his team, as he is infamous for doing that? Should we even consider City beyond GW34? In the front we got Aguero and Jesus, while in the midfield we got Sterling/KdB/D.Silva/B.Silva/Sane, not to mention at the back we got 8 defenders to pick from? And if Pep decides to test young players, what then?

Wildcarding in 35 or 36 seems like a waste to me, but if your team is in a pretty good shape for 32-34, then I think it is alright.

The league results should be done by GW36, and we have only the top teams battling for a European spot, while the bottom teams will battle to avoid relegation. Will rotation ruin our plans by then?

Many thoughts and concerns indeed! Well, anyway, thanks alot for reading my post. I do hope it helps... It is not perfect, so feel free to point out the flaws, so we can all benefit from the corrections. I wish everyone all the best in terms of luck, as we all know that the best thought-out plans will not guarantee points.

So, good luck and remember to have fun! Cheers!

Data Source: 2017/18 FPL Calendar

Analysis: My own, from random readings, mainly comments from FFS...