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GW 36 Togga Player Picks: Hart Break

All the big boys have promising matchups as we (laboriously) draw closer to the end of the season and the start of the World Cup

Joe Hart - West Ham United - Premier League
Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

At this point in the EPL season, it sure feels like we’re in a horror movie franchise that’s been stretched too thin by too many poor scripts and sequels / prequels. Just how many times can Michael Myers be shot, stabbed, burned, decapitated and incarcerated before, ya know, he just quits (or we stop caring)?

Likewise, how many lives does this season have? Just end already!

But nope, here comes the Boogeyman, again.

Here at NMA, we never quit. We fight. We win. Bring it on Jason Voorhe...I mean, GW 36.

Bring it!



Jordan Pickford (@ Huddersfield)

Everton boy wonder Pickford is hot (11.9 points averaged in the last three weeks), and he faces an opponent who will try to score but likely not succeed. This means lots of saves and few, if any, goals conceded. A low-risk /high-upside proposition is an offer I cannot refuse.

Alternatives include (yes you are reading this right, and no, I’m not crazy) Jack Butland who could face 75 shots against Liverpool and even if he concedes 9 will still bank a ton of saves points.

If you like my Butland line of thinking, please don’t think you can replicate it with Arrgh, Joe Hart, Arrgh home to Man City. This is the game when his England World Cup dreams are shattered. Thank goodness for that!

If you can see which of Burnley’s shot-stoppers will be given the start (Alert: Tom Heaton is healthy again and pushing to replace the Pope), then he would be a worthy pick hosting Brighton.



James Tarkowski (v Brighton); Cesar Azpilicueta (@Swansea); James Tomkins (v Leicester); Benjamin Mendy (@ West Ham)

Surely the first name that jumped at you is Mendy. Simply stated, the French left back is a Togga manimal. If he starts, I can’t wait to see how many points he’ll add to my tally. If he doesn’t start, Togga allows for substitutions up until kick off, so I’ll plug in another City defender.

Burnley’s Tarkowski and Chelsea’s Azpilicueta are self evident and need very little introduction. If they are starting in real life and they aren’t playing Manchester City or Liverpool, they’ll start for me in Togga.

Palace’s Tomkins has been spectacular in Togga (over the past 5 GWs, Tomkins has earned massive scores like 31.75, 21 and 21.5). I don’t really understand it, but I want to ride the wave. Every action the man takes seems to result in a Togga point earned.

The best alternative to any of these would be a safe and boring Spurs defender who close out the GW home to Watford.



Eden Hazard (@ Swans); Christian Eriksen (v Watford); Johan Berg Gudmunsson (v Brighton); any Manchester City midfielder you like!

As I’ve said before, Eriksen is Togga Royalty and Hazard is 99.5% of the way there. Against easy opposition, they’ll both get my nod. The Icelandic Gudmunsson is probably my favorite Togga player of the year — he’s been so incredibily consistent despite lacking a 40-50 point ceiling. I’ll gladly collect his consistent 12-18. Thank you Reykjavik!

For my fourth midfield spot I couldn’t decide on a mid, I’m going to wait until City’s XI is confirmed and gamble on a name because I like to live dangerously.



Mo Salah (v Stoke) plus any Manchester City forward you like!

Salah joins Eriksen as Togga royalty. There is always the chance he may be rested, so have a replacement ready to fire (cough, Harry Kane, cough).

For my second forward spot I am copping out again. I don’t know if I prefer Gabriel Jesus or Raheem Sterling, so I’m going to live dangerously and wait until the XI is confirmed before making my selection.


And there you have it, my GW 36 Togga player picks! Is there an obvious candidate I missed? Do you vehemently disagree with one of my picks? Have our Togga picks been a help or a hindrance to your season? Let us know in the comments below! Best of luck and enjoy!