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GW 33 Togga Player Picks: For a Few Points More

Like a Spaghetti Western, this Game Week will feature a heavy load of Spurs and Gunners

Malta v England - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier
Overheard: Gareth Southgate told Dele, “Play better for Spurs or sit in Russia.” Dele’s response? 2 goals and 30.5 GW 32 Togga points. More will come!
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

A big thanks to Chris for his Togga coverage last week. I was on a mini-vacation and decided to totally disconnect from civilization for a few days. That meant no internet, no phones and no EPL. I’m just now catching up on what happened during my week-long tech fast.

Now that I’m back, it has hit me: Game-week 33. The season is running out, but with some double game-weeks to come, this is no time to lose steam. Togga seasons will be won or lost during the next few weeks. Many leagues will see managers go inactive as the hopelessness of their campaigns become apparent. Others will simply move on as spring fever grips them.

If you are feeling tired or exhausted, or are looking ahead to the World Cup, please know that you are not alone. But it is important that we stay focused to wrap up a successful 2017-18 FPL campaign. As Tom Brady likes to say: Let’s goooooo!

Here are my GW 33 Togga picks:



Lukasz Fabianski (@ West Brom)

Fabianski has been an extremely underrated Togga player for a few years now. I get it: He plays for a team that never inspires much confidence, always seeming to be one missed tackle or two away from a 6 goal implosion. But Fabianski is a very consistent shot stopper, and frankly, has been a better option than the likes of Jordan Pickford or Kasper Schmeichel this term. I’m finally taking the plunge and will go with Swansea’s Polish international keeper away to (soon to be relegated) West Brom.

If you really don’t fancy giving Fabianski a shot, the clear choice for you is an Arsenal keeper home to (soon to be relegated) Southampton.



Serge Aurier or Kieran Trippier and either Ben Davies or Jan Vertonghen (@ Stoke City); Shkodran Mustafi and Nacho Monreal ( H-Southampton)

This is fairly straight forward: The Aurier-Trippier rotation has been a Togga manimal and I will pair whomever starts with either Davies or Vertonghen. For my other two defender picks I will likely double up on Arsenal’s two ultra-high-scoring defenders for the home game against the abject Saints.

Others under consideration include the ever-reliable Craig Dawson (H- Swansea) and Cesar Azpilicueta (H- West Ham).



Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen (@ Stoke); Mesut Ozil (H-Southampton); Eden Hazard (H- West Ham)

Methinks Dele Alli had a bit of a chat with England manager Gareth Southgate about his chances of starting for England in the World Cup. Methinks he was told they aren’t good based on the so-so level of play he has shown so far this term. Methinks Dele is a smart kid, heard what Southgate had to say, and unleashed his fury on GW 32. Methinks Dele is primed for a storming finish to the campaign. I’m not gonna Dele dally, I’m in on Dele! His teammate Eriksen is Togga royalty, as far as I’m concerned, so I will pick him most weeks. My midfield will be rounded by two other reliables in the form of Ozil and Hazard.

Other alternatives include Sadio Mane (@ Everton) and Wifried Zaha (@ Bournemouth). You could, of course, do worse than picking a Manchester City midfield stud for the Manchester derby. I’ll pass so I can enjoy/hate the game without any Togga agenda.



Mo Salah (@ Everton); Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (H- Southampton)

Caveat: Mo Salah was subbed out at 53’ for injury in the Wednesday Champions League match. Stay tuned for updates...if Salah is ruled out, you can always sub in Roberto Firmino as Togga’s Perfect XI game allows for substitutions up to approximately 3-5 minutes before the player kicks off.

Salah is a Togga Pharaoh, and he will be picked every week regardless of opponent or form. For my second forward spot, Arsenal’s Spiderman has been a wonderful player in Togga, so I expect him to devastate Southampton.

I’m not really considering anyone else, but I will give some passing thought to a differential like Burnley’s Chris Wood away to (defensively stinky) Watford or Alvaro Morata home to (defensively very stinky) West Ham.


And there you have it, my GW 33 Togga picks. How are you feeling as we wind down the season? Are you tired? Are your standards slipping, or are you energized by the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel? Who’s on your watch list as we prep for the DGW? Let us know by posting a comment or two below!