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Congratulations to the Winners of 2017-18’s NMA EPL Fantasy Leagues!

Our NMA leagues boast some of the best fantasy managers in the business. But which of us are the cream of the crop?

Trophy - Premier League
Which NMA managers can lift championship trophies after the 2017-18 fantasy season?
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Another terrific fantasy EPL season has come to a close, so it’s time to check the leader-boards to crown our NMA league champions. If you are not one of these elite fantasy bosses, now is a great time for you to do a forensic analysis on these black-belts so you can learn from their expert tactics and strategies. To facilitate your education, and to recognize them for their fantasy brilliance, we’ve identified the champions in each NMA fantasy platform.


Togga Perfect XI NMA League:

This year’s PXI NMA honors go to dgp, who finished the season on 5978.75 points. Close on his heels, but coming up just short, was frequent blog chat participant JCUnited, who secured a second-place finish with 5929.25 points. Kudos gentlemen!


Beat the Bloggers (Official Game):

Manager Joe Armiger’s aptly-named squad, The Apex Predators, did indeed finish at the top of the food chain this season. While TAP players Hugo Lloris, Mathew Lowton, Chris Smalling, and Son Heung-Min combined for a paltry total of just 4 points on Finale Sunday, Mr. Armiger wisely put the armband on Harry Kane and vice-captained Mo Salah. Those moves were good enough for 75 points on the week and 2382 overall, securing a first-place finish over runner-up, Lallana’s Pyjamas.


Fantrax Never Manage Alone League

Incredibly, Shock the Monkey climbed to the top of the NMA leaderboard in Game Week 22 and never looked back: He held his lead for all of 2018! Three of StM’s players didn’t even play on Finale Sunday, but thanks to big scores from Sergio Romero, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Harry Kane, and Mo Salah, StM still finished Game Week 38 on 96 points. That was enough to pile up 4050 points for the season, which was 116 more than the second-place NMA manager, Team Captaingerrard.


Fantrax NMA + Bench League

All empires eventually fall, and this week Ken M’s one-year reign over the NMA + Bench league has come to an end. The new king is CreweGuy, manager of The Motley Crewe, who ascended to the throne on the final week with a royal 4829 points. The runner-up is HELLENIC PRIDE, who collected the princely sum of 4819.

Ex-monarch Ken M came in third with 4751 — enough to win him his new job as court jester. Don’t fret Ken, next season brings another chance to win back your kingdom (and the concubines!). In the meantime, might I recommend T.H. White’s The Once and Future King?


How did your squads do this season? Which league(s) do you want to play next season? What were your best and worst decisions? What have you learned by studying the moves of the masters we’ve identified above? Come on in and tell us about it in the comments below.