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GW 37 Togga Player Picks: Double Impact

Twelve teams have a double game week; these are the only 12 teams that matter for GW 37

Dele Alli - Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
YES! It’s a double Game Week! DGW! DGW! DGW!
Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

If you are looking at the Official or Togga fixtures for GW 37, you are not seeing double. Rest assured, you have not gone crazy. This Game Week includes a grand total of 16 matches, with 12 teams having double Game Weeks.

With this bit of clarity in mind, we can safely exclude any and all players from the following eight teams that play only once: Liverpool, Watford, Crystal Palace, Everton, Bournemouth, Stoke City, Burnley and West Brom. Please accept my apologies Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino, Nick “The Young” Pope, James Tarkowski, the Icelandic Gudmunsson, Jack Butland, Craig Dawson, Leighton Baines and Jordan Pickford.

It’s all about the DGW for my GW 37 Togga picks y’all!



David de Gea (@ Brighton; @ West Ham)

The clear temptation is to go with the DGW keeper having the easiest fixtures and a good defense; that would be Ederson (v Huddersfield; v Brighton). But, but, but... While Ederson has been spectacular in real life, he’s been replacement level in Togga scoring. I prefer to roll with Togga’s best scoring keeper against pretty meh opposition, despite the away fixtures.



Jan Vertonghen (@ West Brom; v Newcastle); Chris Smalling (@ Brighton; @ West Ham); Cesar Azpilicueta (v Liverpool; v Huddersfield); Nicolas Otamendi (v Huddersfield; v Brighton)

Sure, this is conservative; it’s also smart. Pick a player from four of the best defenses in the Premier League and roll with them for the DGW bonanza. The trick is to avoid the more tempting fullbacks as they are far more likely to be rotated than the slow and steady central defenders.



Eden Hazard, Christian Eriksen, Paul Pogba, Kevin De Bruyne

Again, conservative and smart. If you want to live a little more dangerously feel free to consider Dele Alli instead of Eriksen, or pick Leroy Sane instead of KDB. If you want to live even more dangerously, there are always DGW alternatives like Riyad Mahrez and Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Personally, I’m in no mood to gamble this late in the season.



Harry Kane; Raheem Sterling

This was far tougher. There are a ton of fantastic forward plays for this DGW. My suggestion is to go very conservative at keeper, defense and midfield so you can play around with your forward combo. You can choose any two from Kane, Sterling, Gabriel Jesus, Alexis Sanchez (especially since Romelu Lukaku is said to be a bit banged up), Jamie Vardy and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (aka Spider-Man, aka PEA). I’m 99% sure to go with the above two, but I may yet sub out Sterling for Alexis.


And there you have it, my very special GW 37 DGW strategy and picks. Forwards will make or break your GW, so spend some time researching and thinking about whom you want to trust... but remember to trust your gut too! Let us know what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling ahead of this monster Game Week!