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GW 37 Sunday Live Chat: End of Days

As the season (almost) wraps up, we bid farewell to old friends, congratulate a champion, and look forward to the World Cup

Kevin De Bruyne - Manchester City - Premier League
KDB + DGW + Easy Fixtures = Time to celebrate!
Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

I love double game weeks.

I love a hard-fought FPL and Togga campaign.

I love the anticipation that builds as the World Cup draws nearer.

I especially love double game weeks as a hard-fought FPL and Togga campaign winds down and the anticipation builds as the World Cup draws nearer.

Therefore, I love GW 37!

Before we get to chattin’, let’s take a closer look at today’s match-ups and the story lines that matter to fantasy managers. Quoth Tom Brady, “Let’s Goooooooooo!”


Manchester City v Huddersfield

Let’s be honest here, you and me and the entire universe are salivating at the thought of what Manchester City assets will return against really very super duper infinity easy opposition in the double Game Week. But, but, but: you and me and the entire universe are juuuust a little worried about rotation risk. I’ve consulted with many people on this, and the consensus opinion is that City will roll out something close to its strongest starting XI for the game against the Terriers.

This should be a relatively simple win, so the returns for the likes of Raheem Sterling, Leroy Sane, Nicolas Otamendi and David Silva should be high. I’d start them. If I’m really worried about rotation risk for Brighton game, however, I might play things a bit safer and place my bets on Gabriel Jesus, who is far more of a lock to play heavy minutes with El Kun injured. The other ‘safer’ player is Kevin De Bruyne, who has been mostly immune to rotation. However you play it, you won’t go wrong.

I cannot wait to see all of City’s players star for their respective nations in the World Cup.

Arsenal v Burnley

Bon voyage Arsene Wenger — and don’t come back!

Arsenal’s starting XI is going to be a bit of a mess. Laurent Koscielny tore an achilles and is likely to be replaced by, um, any one of Calum Chambers, Dinos Mavropanos or Rob Holding (I definitely maybe think Chambers). Meanwhile, at keeper, it’s a coin-flip between two fairly horrible players in Petr Cech (with all due respect, but he’s been terrible this year) and David Ospi- (gagging) (composing self) (trying again) David Ospina.

As for Burnley, my love for Nick “the Young” Pope, James Tarkowski and the Icelandic Gudmunsson goes on and on and on.

Chelsea v Liverpool

This is far more important for Chelsea than Liverpool, duh! Liverpool don’t have a DGW and two of their most compelling players, Mo Salah and Virgil van Dijk, have been meh of late. So, really, this is about Chelsea.

There are not many more juicy propositions in Togga than Eden Hazard and DGW. I’m so in on this. I’m also eager to see what Cesar Azpilicueta and Olivier Giroud will contribute for fantasy managers. Marcos Alonso is finally back from suspension, and if he gets 90’ x2 the result could be a top 5 DGW 37 performer.


Let’s not waste any more time; let’s get chatting! We’ve only got one more Sunday together for this season, so let’s make it count! Let’s goooooooooo!