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2018 FIFA World Cup Russia: Opening Day Pre-Deadline Chat

We’re all excited about the start of the World Cup action, just as we’re dreading the deadline when we have to commit full bore to our fantasy teams... at least for the time being, until we can make changes again! So join us for a chat as the celebratory festivities — and that first whistle — approach rapidly.

Psy performs - South Korea v Russia - 2014 FIFA World Cup
Apparently “Gangnam Style” had something to do with the 2014 World Cup. What will 2018 bring us?
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

How great is it when you find a prized possession in a box in the back of a closet after years in deep storage? Do you remember waiting for Christmas (or equivalent gift-giving holiday) as a child... and your feeling when you woke up on the day knowing this is the day?

Was your eye ever caught by a certain special someone who then dropped out of your life... How did you feel when he/she turned up after all of the time you spent, patiently waiting, longing, hoping... wondering if he/she would ever come back, checking your calendar, cursing and pleading with the Gods? Well then, I have glad tidings of great joy...

Yes, indeed, Arrested Development has recently come back to Netflix with new episodes after all these years... again! That’s what we were talking about, right? The long-awaited return of Michael, George Michael, Buster (a.k.a. Mother Boy), Mother (a.k.a. Lucille One), Maeby, Lindsay, Gob, Tobias, George Senior, Steve Holt (“Steve Holt!!!”) and Lucille Two? Along with the frozen banana stand, the model house, the retaken 2 Hour Teeth office and of all of the other wonderful craziness?

Oh, you mean the World Cup? Yes, absolutely, I mean the World Cup, too! How long has it been? Four years? FOUR YEARS!!! You’ve got to be kidding me. Well, let’s get going! Hoo boy, this is exciting! WORLD CUP! Woo-hoo and woo-hoo and woo-hoo again! Now that I think about it, Tobias is definitely a huge fan of the French national team. After all, why else would he paint himself in blue so often? Right?!

Netflix Arrested Development - Red Carpet Premiere
There’s only one thing that can make people happier than a frozen banana stand: the World Cup!
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Netflix

In just a few hours (7 at the time this article goes live), the host nation Russia kicks off against its first group-A opponent, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So then, it‘s time for what we at NMA call the Pre-Deadline Chat — when the fantasy football obsessed congregate online to talk ourselves and each other into last-minute mistakes, er, transfers based on last-minute news... that we hope is not fake!

How much of your teams are set? How many players are you thinking about changing? How good do you feel about things? Are you confident? Anxious? Petrified? (Is that expensive midfielder even going to start?) Are you somewhere in between?

Have you loaded up on your favorite players from your favorite team that you root for? Or are you instead a coldhearted, ruthless fantasy manager who is all about winning in fantasy, but not so much in real life fandom? Are there any injuries you’re worried about? What match-ups are you avoiding, and which are you jumping in on, feet first? Is there any line-up news you’re waiting to hear about before you step away from the keyboard and watch as the server locks down your fantasy side?



McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy

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Dream Team World Cup Fantasy

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The World Cup is finally here, so rejoice and sing and dance! Why not go ahead and kick a ball or two, even if you’re inside (gently)! Join in the chat below and let us know what you’re thinking as you cobble together your fantasy teams in these last hours. Please share any late-breaking news that we’ll all want to know about. What time zone are you in? Are you awake or are you sleeping? Are you sleepwalking? Is it possible to sleep-chat?