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2018 FIFA World Cup: Day 5 Monday Live Chat

Much of the best that the Premier league has to offer is on display today.

Romelu Lukaku - Belgium - 2018 FIFA World Cup
Captain for the day
Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

Monday brings us completion of group F plus all of group G with the following fixtures:

Group F

Group G


The NMA community has a big interest in today’s games, and its all about the Belgium choices with the following ownership;

  • 17% Yannick Carrasco
  • 14% Romelu “The Troll” Lukaku
  • 13% Thibaut Courtois
  • 10% Thomas Meunier

England’s best owned player is Kyle Walker at 10%, showing the lack of confidence in their assets (or sure-to-start status) among fantasy managers. Having said that, any of the 6% who own Harry Kane versus Tunisia have a great differential, especially if the armband has passed down this far.

I will go with a 1-0 Sweden win, a Belgium win by 3 or more, and England to (make me swear many times but) hopefully nick a win of some type.


Looking Ahead:

Remember that the deadline for Round-2 roster changes for your McDonald’s fantasy league is the time that Round 2 opens tomorrow: 19:00 BST Tuesday, when Russia faces Egypt. If you haven’t already, make your transfer (and initialize your round-2 captain! And un-substitute as needed!) by clicking on “RD-2 MANAGE TEAM” and going from there.

Because the rounds are managed separately, you could conceivably have a group-H captain in a round-1 match early tomorrow and a group-A captain (punting Mohamed Salah anyone?) in the round-2 match on the same day!

There’s only one hour between the end of the last group-H match and the (deadline) group-A kickoff, so don’t delay moves (like captain and sub re-initialization) that you already know you need.

Don’t forget!


Whom do you have playing today? Are you still chasing your captain points monster haul? Have you started thinking about (or have pulled the trigger on) your round-two free-transfer? Please let us know in the comments!