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Fantrax NMA+Bench League Returns for 2018-19 EPL Season

Imitates the Yahoo game many of us loved, including some extra slots to cover for rotation and injury.

The Crystals cheerleaders - Crystal Palace - Premier League
We got yer EPL fantasy right here!
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Fantrax League: sjvt7mpnjjaofp15

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Or click on this NMA + Bench Fantrax League Easy-Join link


For those who missed it last year, the NMA + Bench Fantrax League imitates as closely as possible the lost but not forgotten Yahoo game with its unlimited transfers, price swings, and phantom points.

What’s special about this one is that it allows an expanded roster (2G + 5D + 6M + 4F) and then scores the best players at each position (1G + 3D + 4M + 3F) each week. You’re not required to fill every slot, just the minimum to score (1G + 3D + 4M + 3F). Extras are optional.

While hiding some negatives caused by disastrous performances, the purpose is to cover for absentees so that one late scratch doesn’t ruin your fun. Note: This “best of” scoring is a “beta test” feature at Fantrax. For a couple years now, it has been working for any one week; this year may be the first that it sums points across multiple weeks. Let’s keep our fingers crossed (so I won’t need my spreadsheet this year!)

Note: Last year’s owners and their team names (but not their rosters!) carried over from last year. If you want to change your team name, go to TEAM -> “My Alerts & Preferences”.

To start the season, I’ve set the minimum player salary to 4 and recalculated all salaries. I’ll be ratcheting down the minimum by 0.2 each week until it bottoms at 1 sometime around Xmas. Sadly, this means that the intro salaries for new players have dropped, but that was going to happen in the 1st recalc after week 1 anyway (it’s a known Fantrax weakness that default salaries have no inertia — and that’s why the minimum starts relatively high).

The English Premier League kicks off on August 10th, so we have until 15 minutes before that kickoff time to build our week-1 rosters. Let the tinkering begin!


Did you manage a team in the NMA + Bench Fantrax league last season? Do you have any advice on how to improve the league settings? Would you recommend it to others? Do you have any questions? Please post in the comments below so we can recruit some World Cup fans and have an even better league this EPL season!


PS: And in case you haven’t seen it yet, we also have the standard NMA Fantrax league. It has all of the same features as the NMA + Bench league, except that it has an 11-player roster with more flexible formation. If you’ve been waiting for the traditional Fantrax format, then you can join the NMA Fantrax league. Better yet, why not do both?