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Congratulations to the World Cup Fantasy NMA League Winners!

It was a crazy World Cup, leaving fantasy dominance difficult to come by. Congratulations to those who rose to the challenge and won the NMA leagues, and well played to everybody who joined in the fun!

Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, and Kylian Mbappe - France - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Final
The French titans celebrated their World Cup title in style, but we all know that the fantasy crown is even sweeter!
Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Some famous writer once said something about being the best of times and the worst of times simultaneously. If you did well in fantasy but your favorite team lost, or vice versa, or somewhere in between, I think we can all certainly relate as fantasy managers and international football fans.


McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy

A whopping 4,667 managers joined in the NeverManageAlone BTB league. Wow!

Among those thousands upon thousands, there was a tie for the #1 spot with a huge score of 405 points, so the crown-wearing glory is shared between teams Magnohrom Kraljevo and Uno11FC. Brilliant, bravo, and bully to you both!!! Rounding out the top five were _Alishka_ (398 points), Masoud Fc (394 points) and GuunerBeHard (393 points). Well done!

They all clearly did an excellent job from the start picking a squad stocked largely with stars who got out of the group stage. These managers made excellent transfers when called upon, played their chips at the right time, and avoided most of the land mines that nailed the rest of us! Even for those of us who have played McDonald’s FIFA World Cup before, it was different this time as the scoring and chips were not the same as before, so it was quite an experience with plenty of on-the-fly action.

As for NMA Staff, Stall represented us well finishing in a tie for #26 (372 points). I was down considerably further, tying for #632 in our league with 314 points (#71,471 worldwide). I finished second in my private league, losing by four points to a co-worker. Four stinkin’ points! Oh well, them’s the breaks, eh?


Dream Team World Cup Fantasy

There were 66 teams in the Never Manage Alone Beat the Bloggers league. The Dream Team game was new to all of us outside the UK, so it was a fun experience, wasn't it? Those who played both McDonald’s and Dream Team, know that you are SERIOUS fantasy managers, displaying a pure passion not to be trifled with. Pat yourselves on the back, seriously!

In an extremely close finish, Kiti puolejai (388 points) took the crown, nipping P Town XI (387 points) by a single point!!! Brent’s World Tour (379 points), Rogue Nation (356 points), and world copper (352 points) rounded out the top five. Hip hip hooray to all of you!

Among the NMA staff, again it was Stall who finished the best, ranking #6 with 348 points. David also did well, tying for #11 with 327 points. I was down further at #23 with 290 points, barely ahead of Jeff who was #27 with 283 points.

Clearly Stall should have been doing all of the player picks and strategic recommendations for our World Cup fantasy coverage! What the heck were we thinking having other writers chip in?


Those of you who are new to us for the World Cup this summer, Never Manage Alone will have plenty of coverage for Premier League and Champions League fantasy in advance of and throughout the 2018-19 season, so keep the fun going by checking back with us regularly!


Whether you won, lost or finished somewhere in between, what will you remember most about this World Cup both on the pitch and in the fantasy realm(s)? What decisions do you wish you could take back, and which ones were you most proud of? What takeaways will you bring for future fantasy competitions? Please let us know in the comments!