A year without a single Salah-bration?

This looks like the direction I will be attempting this season and these are my reasons why.

In the Official game last season I had Salah from week one and at a much lower price then he is now. I was also pretty good at hitting "most" of his high scoring games as my captain, and yet, I finished behind nearly several HUNDRED THOUSAND people!

In Fantrax (bench) I had him at 5.00!!! And what happened...DETHRONED!!! That's what happened!

In Fantrax I held him 98% of the season, letting him go just once (stupid) but did I finish even in the top 10?...NO!

So, I looked deeper into the situation and found out the main problem was!!!

I was always so focused on trying to empress everyone with my line up and just who I was able to fit in on any given week.

Hey look everyone, my line up this week is..



Iron man/Wolverine/Magneto/Captain America


And then sit and "Marvel" at the masterpiece I was able to share with the community only to watch my all star line up fuel yet another dumpster fire.

The fact is, I am not the player I believe myself to be and I need to watch the FINER details, get those right, in order to manage a team where the majority of my limited budget is taken up by 1-3 players.

So...out with the Rabbit

In...with the Turtle

Looking forward to the race!