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Togga Fantasy Premier League Has Shut Down Before the 2018-19 Season

Sadly, after a tough go of it in recent times, Togga has called it quits... or officially, taken a “hiatus.” Let’s hug it out, have a communal cry and figure out what to do next.

Swansea City v Stoke City - Premier League
As when a player’s team is relegated, it’s time to cry.
Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

It has been a struggle for Togga recently, and it looks like the problems were too tough to overcome. It had appeared that Togga would not offer Perfect XI any more, instead focusing on the draft league. But as it turns out, it is even more dire than that. Yesterday Scott at Togga’s Twitter account made a sad announcement.

Several years ago, the fantasy Premier League community was rocked by the departure of Yahoo. Togga was one of the emerging platforms that helped ease that pain, but unfortunately now Togga looks like it is following in Yahoo’s footsteps. As mentioned in the Tweet from Scott, Togga has thrown its support behind Fantrax, and it looks like Fantrax will help make the transition from Togga very easy by adopting Togga’s scoring system.

After crying, sobbing, wailing, and questioning the justness of this world we inhabit, be sure to share in the NMA community’s thanks to Togga for the years of fun they have been able to provide us. Check out our information regarding the Fantrax Standard and Fantrax +Bench games, if you have enjoyed Togga before but have never experienced the joys of Fantrax.

How gutted are you by the loss of Togga? Are you playing Fantrax already, or will you migrate over and give it a try now? Let us know in the comments below!