NMA Head 2 Head League is alive on FOX

Some of us played this challenging H2H league last year and had a lot of fun with it.

KM finished the regular season in 6th place but slugged it out all the way into the playoff finals only to be disappointed.

I, The Renegade, finished the regular season in 1st place but bowed out in the playoff semi-finals to a tough Aussie team.

Stall and Kalita competed gallantly.

The graphics are great, the player prices are pretty reasonable so you can put a great team together. Two trades per week are allowed. But the best aspect of the format is that you get to KEEP the profits from player sales. So if your player does well and his value goes up, you can sell him and KEEP the profit to buy better players. It's not uncommon to have a team valued at 150 by the end of the season if you're good.

Personally, I like the idea of winning or (rarely :) ) losing against someone I know from the NMA blog every week as opposed to just racking up points and rank among hundreds of thousands of anonymous players.

There are 20 open slots. First come, first served.

To Dare is to Do, and Enjoy!

Stall, you're toast.