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Premier League Transfer Window - it’s time to panic!

They say fantasy football managers make too many last minute transfers, only it’s just as true in the real world. We take a look a few rumors that may or may not happen.

Gareth Bale - Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final
Not coming to a Premier League near you, or is he?
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

We are just over a week away from the start of the Premier League season, and this year closes the league transfer window on the day before.

Guessing who may move over the next few days is tricky, but our friends the bookmakers are often in the know. Let’s take a look at a few of the big names and where their futures may or may not be based on their latest odds.


Eden Hazard

Bookies’ odds 3/1 to go to Real Madrid but 2/7 to stay at Chelsea

Expect to see Hazard stay at Chelsea and if does he becomes a great option under his new managers system of play. Likely to be late back from the World Cup he maybe the perfect player for those looking to wildcard early to bring in. Be careful as he may still move after the Premier League window shuts with moves outside England still possible.


Gareth Bale

6/1 to join Man Utd, 1/12 to stay at Real Madrid

The ship seems to have sailed a Bale out to Old Trafford. Edward Woodward still seems to want it, but the player seems to prefer to be the man in Madrid. Just about to turn 30, and with a history of injury, and with Cristiano Ronaldo gone, staying may be the best move for Madrid, Utd and Bale himself.


Gonzalo Higuain

4/6 to join AC Milan, 9/4 to Chelsea, 1/6 to leave Juventus

It looks like the much traveled Argentinian forward will most likely stay in Italy, but the odds suggest it’s somewhat in the balance. Under Sarri, any forward is worth considering. At 30, he is a short-term option for whoever buys him, and Chelsea are sometimes happy to be short term.


Harry Maquire

7/4 to Man Utd, 4/6 to stay at Leicester

One of the English World Cup heroes of 2018, he wasn’t on the Red Devils’ radar before Russia. I think he needs a year further to develop, so if he moves in this window, then I fear fans may want him replaced next summer. Having said that, he will be in my FPL side if he joins, as fantasy and real world are very different. I love the idea of watching him attacking those crosses from corners.


Joe Hart

4/1 to move to Birmingham

Wow, how far has Hart fallen if a Championship side is the odd’s leader. 4/1 is still big, so I imagine he will stay at City waiting for a Premier League choice, and there is still time.


Thibault Courtois

2/7 to go to Real Madrid , 11/4 to stay at Chelsea

The bookies think he is on his way. His children live in Madrid, and prior to the World Cup, he said he would be looking at his options. With just one year left on his Chelsea contract, the blues could lose him for free. Nobody wins if that happens, so it’s either new deal or move to be with his family. You know what most people would do.


Kasper Schmeichel

2/1 to Chelsea, 2/5 to stay at Leicester

If Courtois leaves Chelsea, Kasper will be the best value keeper in FPL should he move to the Bridge. With Salah in most fantasy teams, we don’t need the keeper choice locked up as well.


Jordan Pickford

7/4 to Chelsea, 4/7 to stay at Everton.

If not Kasper, then Pickford may be the move. Again, maybe he needs a year or more developing at Everton, but after the World Cup, it’s not an unexpected rumour. Like Kasper at 5m, he would be an FPL lock if the Chelsea move happens.


Marcos Rojo

4/5 to Wolves, 10/11 to stay at Utd

A coin flip towards what Rojo does. One more sign Wolves and super agent Jorge Mendes are not messing about in the market. At 5m in FPL, he isn't tempting me, but in Fantrax he just may.


Michail Antonio

4/5 to go to Palace, evens to stay

One more coin flip, but he is falling down the West Ham pecking order. A great scoring player in Fantrax rules, I would like him to move on.


Paul Pogba

6/1 to Juve, 1/8 to stay

He is going nowhere. When he is back, he is a great value pick in FPL, and that World Cup maybe the making of him.


Toby Alderweireld

2/5 to join Man Utd, 9/4 to stay at Spurs

The move looks possible as Utd start to panic. As they have so many times, Utd may pay Spurs a premium for a player. I’m a Maguire fan, but more as a drunk Englishman. Toby is at least a level, likely two or three, above him. There should be only one choice for Utd if the choice is made about current ability over value.



10/11 to join Man Utd, Real 5/1, Barcelona 10/1

It’s move to Utd or stay at Chelsea according to the bookies. He is better than Utd have, and he’s a Jose favourite. If they buy him and Toby, then the number of 29 year-olds being bought shows the club are following their manager’s wishes. For Jose, it’s title or bust this season, so I can see why he wants proven players in this window.


There will be others, probably a player that hasn’t been linked to anywhere just yet. From the list above, do any of the links influence your fantasy football thoughts?