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Week 3 Live Chat Sat/Sun/Mon - Summer Bank Holiday Weekend

Why is it called a bank holiday? Like all we care about is money? Oh, I guess that makes sense. But still, we care about Premier League fantasy, too!

Manchester City celebrates - Premier League
How many goal celebrations are we ready for this weekend?
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It’s some sort of bank holiday this weekend in Jolly Old England, while most of the rest of us suckers around the world will be at work on Monday. But that’s okay, we Americans get a holiday next weekend, so we’ve got something to look forward to.



Wolverhampton v. Manchester City

Wolves have been fairly fun as advertised, but if you’re looking for excitement, it’s all about Manchester City, which just exploded for a half-dozen goals last weekend. In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. With the Citizens, it’s all about rotation, rotation, rotation. So especially in Official FPL where you don’t have time to change your line-ups, you had better hope your Sky Blues are starting.


Arsenal v. West Ham

The Gunners have 0 points and are at the bottom of the table with Fulham, Huddersfield, and West Ham, outside the drop zone on goal-difference only. It just so happens that fellow London strugglers West Ham travel a mile or two to the Emirates this weekend, offering Arsenal the perfect chance to start turning things around. Or is this really West Ham’s chance to turn things around? Does that make this a relegation 6-pointer?

Manuel Pellegrini and company, of course, will have their own agenda. Here’s a scenario I’m just throwing out there: late in the game, tie score, Lucas Perez comes on and scores the winner. Would you see rioting in the stands? Purely from a theoretical, comical standpoint (as long as nobody gets hurt!), I’d like to think so.


Bournemouth v. Everton

Six teams have two wins so far, and Bournemouth is one of them. Seriously, not joking! Everton is in 7th place, just behind. And if you look at goal differential last season, the two sides were pretty close. So this really seems like a pretty evenly matched game. Richarlison has three goals already, while Callum Wilson has two (and could have had three if he’d converted the PK). Does the tie-breaker go to the home side? I don’t know, but this should be a fun one!


Huddersfield v. Cardiff

20th place against 16th palace. I can’t muster anything more. If you’re excited to see this game, I’m a little proud of you, but I’m really almost entirely sad for you. Go watch a train wreck instead.


Southampton v. Leicester

Here are two teams which would delight in being mid-table at the end of the season like they are now. Jamie Vardy misses out with suspension, offering the home side a great chance to steal what could turn out to be a very vital three point haul. Both teams seem fairly low-scoring and defensive-minded, so one mistake could determine the outcome. Can Danny Ings provide the difference? Or will Shinji Okazaki nick the win?


Liverpool v. Brighton

Brighton is fresh off a famous home win over Manchester United that will no doubt see a rush of babies born on the south coast in May 2019. Bring out the band, make a new song to sing, but don’t expect the same result at Anfield. Fantasy managers are likely loading up on Reds, and as always the question is whether the usual suspects like Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Andrew Robertson, and Alisson will star. Or will we see fantasy production spread around to Roberto Firmino, Naby Keita, Virgil Van Dijk, and Trent Alexander-Arnold who haven’t really announced themselves yet this season? Then again, will I have egg on my face if Brighton shocks the world? I’ve been wrong once or twice before, so hey, it could happen (but get good odds before betting on it).



Watford v. Crystal Palace

I feel like I’ve heard this before. Watford is in 4th place. Yeah, this is exactly what happened early last season, so, um, don’t go booking your Champions League trips to the rest of the continent just yet, Hornets fans. But also don’t let me throw a wet blanket on you. Feel free to get excited; you deserve it! Two wins, five goals for, one goal against, that’s really good stuff! And if Watford can get a third straight win against tough Crystal Palace, don't hold back at all, go ahead and go crazy.


Fulham v. Burnley

18th place against 15th place. Fulham, after spending big in the summer, was supposed to be pretty exciting as far as the promoted sides go. Burnley made a legitimate challenge for 6th place last season and qualified for Europa league. But they’ve fallen off badly domestically. Be careful what you wish for. This is more attractive than Huddersfield v. Cardiff, but not THAT much more... unless Joe Hart gets another start — he’s always fun to watch (in a cringe-worthy way, of course).


Newcastle v. Chelsea

Chelsea sits in 3rd place with two wins, which sounds a bit strange to say, especially since Thibaut Courtois is gone, and Eden Hazard has yet to start. Meanwhile, Newcastle is coming off a home loss to Spurs and a brutal away draw with Cardiff City in which Kenedy had a late PK saved. What wins out this weekend, Rafa-ball or Sarri-ball?



Manchester United v. Tottenham

With Manchester United coming off a shock loss and reeling amid Mourinho-fueled misery, discontent hangs over the red side of Manchester like a black cloud. A loss in front of the home crowd could easily see the legendary manager sacked in a snap.

And yet... Spurs, what the heck are you doing? Seriously Hugo Lloris, what were you thinking? The World Cup winning keeper got nabbed for drunk driving late in the week and faces a likely suspension. This was the golden chance to beat the Red Devils at Old Trafford. Now the controversy instead piles on the Tottenham side of the stadium.

If Spurs give up a bad goal here and eventually lose out on a Champions League spot by a point or two to Manchester United, this is the week everybody will look back to and wonder why Tottenham and/or Lloris didn’t just pay for a taxi... or Uber... or Lyft... or whatever the transportation offerings are in London. Heck, go ahead and charter a freaking pumpkin coach! Let’s see, risk losing tens of millions in pounds from missing out on Champions League, or pay a few hundred/thousand quid here and there for taxis and such. Totally worth skimping and being stupid, right?!


Which games are you watching from a sports fan perspective, and which are you obsessing about with respect for your fantasy teams? Do you see any players worth picking up on the barn door? Join in the live chat as all the long weekend’s drama unfolds in real time!