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EPL Week 24 Tue / Wed Fantasy Live Chat: Wait, What’s Going On?

With other English competitions taking place last week and the past weekend, there may be some confusion. Have no fear, the Premier League is back!

Premier League logo
What league are we watching again? This one!
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

A whole lot of Premier League teams have been in action recently... just not in the EPL. Instead, we’ve been fed a salad of Carabao Cup and FA Cup. But now we can tuck in as Premiership meat returns! But the craziness means we must wait until mid-week instead of feasting on the weekend. (Oh, and Champions League and Europa League are back fairly soon, too!)

What’s on this week’s slate? So glad you asked!



Arsenal v. Cardiff

Fulham v. Brighton

Huddersfield v. Everton

Wolves v. West Ham

Manchester United v. Burnley

Newcastle v. Manchester City



Bournemouth v. Chelsea

Southampton v. Crystal Palace

Liverpool v. Leicester

Tottenham v. Watford


Did any of the latest non-EPL injury news impact your fantasy team negatively? Have you added in any of the recent transfers? How do you feel about Son returning in time for Spurs’ match vs Watford? Which games are you watching, and who are you looking at to perform well? Who’s on your short-list to buy on the barn door? Please join us and share your thoughts in the live chat below!