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Women’s World Cup: 1st Transfer Window

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Round 1 of pool play is about to wrap, and round 2 will begin within hours. Fantasy managers should act quickly to not miss the free transfer window!

Ellen White’s goal celebration - England - 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup
Have you been watching?
Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

NB: For those of us in the ShePlays fantasy game, our free transfer window is a scant 16 hours long, from the end of today’s last match until the kickoff of tomorrow’s first ( 23:00 CET June 11 to 15:00 CET June 12). Don’t miss it!


How are our fantasy teams doing?

I think my fantasy team is doing okay. With team USA yet to play, my players have scored three goals and earned two assists plus two clean sheets (at least I think my DF’s get points for their team CS’s). I am hopeful that captain Morgan and GK Naeher will add to that.

I have discovered one hole in my roster: One of my defenders (Erika of Brazil) did not play, and neither did my DF on the bench, so I’ll suffer one DnP zero in round 1. What adds to the pain is that Brazil kept the clean sheet I expected, but I got nothing for it.

But one hole is what a free transfer is for eh? I’ve been looking at Germany’s defender Marina Hegering at 175k, a price that would actually pad my cash. As long as nobody gets injured, (knock on wood!), I can even look to improve my squad next.


What have we learned?

We expected VAR to enhance PKs, and it seems that it is doing so mostly by disallowing open-play goals, though VAR did find a phantom handball at Scotland’s expense. I’m happy that I front-loaded PK takers; they also happen to be good at scoring from open play.

We’re also learning that ShePlays is experiencing some growing pains. Mini-league registration appeared just in time, and points earned are still not visible (but expected to come soon).

More concerning however is the scrambling of players on fantasy rosters. I suspect that some player indexes were shifted in a database somewhere, so I am hopeful (knocking on wood again) that it can be rolled back. However, if one of the Aussies spilled his beer into the server when Italy scored its winner against the Mathildas, then we’re toast.

I’ve written to the admin and have been told they’re working on it.

[Ed. Note: The database problem appears to have been rectified :) ]


Fantasy Implications

We now have one round of confirmed lineups to work from. I had hoped to use that data to find a dirt-cheap DF to plug my DF gap and raise cash to use later — like buying Wendi Renard of France before the knockout stages. She seems to be worth all of her 1M price tag. That was my plan anyway...

And today comes the bad news that Jennifer Marozsan has a broken toe. She’s out for the group stages and perhaps the tournament. So new plan: Replace Marozsan with Renard immediately in a straight million-for-million swap. That’ll put a 4th DF into my starting-XI, so one of my benchies (Diani if allowed a 4th FW, Fleming otherwise) can take the place of my non-starting DF. That’ll leave my bench ragged, but will have done its job to fix my XI. Crossing my fingers (and unbroken toes), I can hope to repair the bench in a future transfer window.

Aside from injury and confirmed lineups, there can’t be too many fantasy implication yet, not when we have only one free transfer, and each extra costs a whopping 10 VP (!). That’s 10 against the unknown value of phantoms, so maybe it would be worth it to replace a known zero. However, until I see the phantoms, that -10pt extra transfer might as well not even exist. If anyone learns about phantom points, please post a comment!


How did your fantasy players fare? Did you discover a pine-pounder like mine who must be replaced? Did you suffer an injury like Maroszan? Who is on your wish list, and whom are you buying?

Which matches do you want to watch in round 2? Which round-2 matches offer the best fantasy potential?

Please share with us in the comments below!