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Women’s World Cup: 2nd Transfer Window

How are our fantasy (and national) teams doing?

Jessie Fleming scores - Canada v New Zealand: Group E - 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France
How did your team score in round-2?
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Hard to believe, but two whole rounds are in the books already! We now have a little under 24 hours in the 2nd transfer window, and it looks as if the rules have been refined: The ShePlays “My Team” page is telling me that I have two (2) free transfers and that each extra now costs five (5) points, not ten as previously advertised. These revisions have also been made to the “How to Play” page.

And good revisions they are in my book. Firstly, one transfer seemed tight even for a well-constructed team. Worse was ten points for an extra transfer. That price looked like a don’t-even-think-about-it option, but five points has its use cases. I just hope that I never have such an emergency.

Today I suffered from Team USA’s heavy rotation, with Captain Morgan and Rose Lavelle sitting out. If the USA wasn’t in group F, I might have caught wind of Morgan’s rest and put someone else in my captain slot.

Balancing those two absentees I had decent bench cover: Wang Shanshan earned a passable 5 at forward, and Jessie Fleming scored one of Canada’s goals to put up 11 in midfield. Not bad for a combined price of AU$500k! I’ve asked ShePlays admin whether the bench sub for my captain will become doubled as captain points. Since I may not be the only fantasy manager here who still had Morgan at captain, I’ll post the reply in comments.

Round 3 kicks off in under 24 hours, so act now so you don’t miss this transfer opportunity. Count how many on your squad may be crashing out of the tournament. Do you need to start cleaning house already?

We will have FIVE free transfers and an extra AU$500k going into the knockout stages. If your squad is so well positioned that that looks like a bounty, then you might use today’s transfers to grab a prime match-up or two from round-3. Who looks like a sure starter for a team that could roll up a high score?

The problem is that some of the best teams are already safely through and may rotate. For me, the Australians offer the best combination of needing a strong performance (having lost in game 1) and facing a weak opponent (Jamaica), so I might add an Aussie attacker (YMMV).


So how are your teams (both fantasy and national) doing? Do you have any must-unload players injured or suspended? Which match-ups look best for fantasy investment? Whom are you looking to buy? Which match(es) do you want to watch as a fan? Please share with us (and ask your own questions) in the comments below!