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Congrats to the UEFA Champions League Fantasy NMA League Winner!

It was an exciting Champions League tournament and we had a huge number of players in the Never Manage Alone league. Major congratulations to the winner and to those who did well!

Liverpool lifts the Champions League Trophy - Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final
Winning is always fun!
Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

After an amazing Champions League competition for 2018-19, only one team — Liverpool — was left standing after dispatching Tottenham 2-0 in the final, staking the claim to being Europe’s best squad. Similarly, there was only one fantasy manager perched atop the NMA league.



Flashing across the finish line in first place amongst a league of 2,128 members, Iovan Robert’s VaFut FC deserves the heartiest congratulations from all of us on staff and in the community for an absolutely brilliant performance, finishing with a whopping tally of 875 points.

Well done, as well, for everybody who came close, as Abhir Vasavada’s second place TheBestNeverRest$$ and Francisco Yuran Costa’s 3rd-best Portuguese Bastards kept the pressure on by outscoring VaFut in the final, but could not close the gap.

UCL fantasy NMA-League final rankings

It was actually a three-way tie for 10th spot, as Anthony Iskander’s Boom Xhakalaca and Betobarros85’s F.C Futbol Club also scored 816 points but didn’t fit on the Top 10 screen grab above.



As for NMA staff who participated, Omar’s Olympique Pelau FC led the way, tying for #42 in the NMA league with 789 points, lending extra credence to the idea that you should have been following his Player Picks and strategic advice all along! As for me, my eponymous team finished in a tie at #92 with 759 points, good for #4,427 globally out of 700,000+ entrants.



Interestingly, it was a tough last day, as points were hard to come by for Saturday’s final; that will happen sometimes when there’s only one game, of course. Fantasy managers hoping for a surge at the end were probably disappointed. s.g.g.’s SGG FC did the best with 64 points on the final game day. Comparatively, the previous low score for any game-week leader was 71 points in Matchday 9.


Hopefully everybody had fun and will enjoy reflecting on an amazing Champions League competition both in actuality and in fantasy. We here at NMA are looking forward to next season, and I hope that you all will return for more good times!

[Note: Images used above came from the Never Manage Alone leagues of UEFA Champions League fantasy found at]


How did your team fare in Champions League fantasy this season? Which decisions went well, and what turned out poorly for you? What lessons learned will you apply for next season? Be sure to share your thoughts below in the comments!

PS: A Women’s World Cup starts in about a week, and we will have more fantasy footy right here for those who can’t quit cold turkey for a whole summer. Come back again before June 7th!