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FIFA Women’s World Cup: Final Fantasy Transfer Window

We now have just three free transfers to replace the half of all players just knocked out (and our choices must serve for two games)

Megan Rapinoe - USA: Quarter Final - 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France
Scoring a winner
Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Did your players survive the quarter-finals? Did they earn your fantasy squad many points in the process? My squad was mixed...

The good:

My captain (White) netted, Renard too, and Rapinoe hit a brace from open play. Spitse had two assists and Asllani survived. Importantly, I picked three of the four winners England, United States, and Netherlands, so 10 of my 15 players survived.

The bad:

Horan again languished on the bench until the last 10’, and except for Rapinoe, my team USA starters earned only minimal points, like GK Naeher who lost her CS to Renard’s goal. Come to think of it, five of my players lost a point each for the reduced goal-difference, so Renard’s goal was net -5 for me. Worse, in the fourth match of the round, my German defenders (two starters and a bench-warmer) all crashed out.



Earlier I said that I expected to burn my bench in the final, but with an extra $500k budget and today’s picks needing serve for two matches, the bench may come into play (especially if the 3rd-place match sees some rotation). Therefore, I plan to replace enough deadwood to have at least some bench cover. My 100k Chinese GK can stay, and my cheapest German defender will keep her company at the burning end of my bench.

We’re now allowed up to 7 players from a single nation, so I can contemplate buying American. I’ve given up trying to guess who starts in midfield, but I might try a defender.

I want to drop Horan, a $900k MF who has now given me two faint cameos, but I’ve just had 5 players knocked out so I’m already looking at paying a 5-point penalty. Therefore, all I can do is to demote her to 2nd seat on my bench. Fortunately, I have the budget to afford it.

So French midfielder Thiney upgrades to Scott, and Renard becomes Bronze in a straight-swap of $1M defenders. Then wingers Dunn and Glas replace German defenders Gwinn and Schweers.

That’s four transfers incurring a 5 point penalty in order to have a probable starter (defender Bloodworth) and cameo-prone Horan as bench cover.


My “Final” Roster (subject to tinkering):

  • FW: Rapinoe (c) / White / Morgan
  • MF: Asllani / Lavelle / Spitse / Scott
  • DF: Bronze / Dunn / Glas
  • GK: Naeher
  • Bench: Bloodworth / Horan / Hegering / Peng

+ $50k

If I tinker further or react to news, I’ll post a comment.


How did your fantasy team do in the quarters? Whom are you buying in the final transfer window? Are you paying a penalty? Have you heard any news about lineup changes?

Is your national team still in the cup? Which matches will you be watching? Please share with us in the comments below!