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Fantrax EPL Game-Week 7 Player Picks

After a relatively low scoring week 6, we are back to look at where you can go right this week!

Heung-Min Son celebrates with Harry Kane - Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
In a season of the unexpected, these two have been in consistently great form. Are they in your squad?
Photo by Andrew Boyers - Pool/Getty Images

I got last week all wrong in my picks. I’ll just admit it, though I don’t think I was the only one. It’s times like these when I start to question why I look at statistics to guide my choices as I do, when they totally misled me last week. The Villans had given up only two goals all season, yet they lose to Leeds 2-0. Chelsea had scored seven in their last two, and the Red Devils had yet to be shut out, and they’d given up plenty of goals, yet Man U and the Blues play to a boring scoreless draw. A dominating Everton offense gets shut down. So much happened that many simply didn’t expect.

But before you start to panic: trends do matter, and statistics are where you should start when looking at your team. After all, Fulham still gave up two goals, Sheffield scored only once, and Liverpool scored two as they have in each game.

The top 20 outfield players in Fantrax scoring are mostly players whom you would expect to see. Are there a few players you may be surprised to see? Yes, there are two players from Leeds and a defender each from Aston Villa and Chelsea. Are there players surprisingly not there (Manchester City noticeably absent)? Yes.

But stay the course... Check the stats... Find the players in form. And watch the match ups!

[Note on time changes: The UK has already ended daylight savings time, so most of the US is an hour closer than usual for most of this weekend. That most-of the US fall into line by “falling back” on Sunday morning. YMMV.]


Friday 30 October

[We should have the confirmed lineups for this match about 45 minutes before our Fantrax deadline; join us then in the Pre-deadline Chat]


Saturday 31 October


Sunday 1 November


Monday 2 November



Ederson ($6.86, SHU vs MCI): Ederson has been feast or famine this season. Sheffield simply isn’t scoring much, and Ederson has had a few big games.

Edouard Mendy ($8.24, BUR vs CHE) Two starts in the EPL, two shutouts. He made some big saves against United. Is he the keeper Chelsea has been looking for? Burnley have only three goals this year. His price continues to creep up with these performances. If you want him, now may be that chance.

Alisson ($8.92, LIV vs WHU) The Liverpool goalkeeper is back from injury. Even without clean sheet points, Allison can give a solid return. Same as Mendy, from an investment stand point.



João Cancelo ($3.79, SHU vs MCI) It looks like Cancelo has the left-back spot for now with B. Mendy out. He is active going forward, had an assist last game, and is playing in a good matchup.

Ben Chilwell ($10.62, BUR vs CHE ) Chilwell is back in the form that made him a fantasy favorite from last year. Three straight double-digit fantasy games and a chance at a clean sheet make him one of the premium options.

Darnell Furlong ($8.51, FUL vs WBA) He’s a bit pricey for me, but Fulham isn’t exactly lighting up the scoreboard. He is getting solid returns even when getting scored on, and he won’t be in many lineups.

Trent Alexander-Arnold ($11.96, LIV vs WHU) Clearly this isn’t a bold pick, but I think people have already started looking elsewhere, as he currently sits at 20th for points on the season for defenders. Last year he was 2nd overall in points at the end of the season. But TAA still does everything you want out of a good fantasy winger, plus he’s still on corners and many free kicks. I don’t want to miss out on his break out game... whenever that may be.

Niels Nkounkou ($3.00, NEW vs EVE): With Lucas Digne out, Nkounkou may be in line for his first EPL start. The Toffees have injuries in the back, so other options are limited. He has potential and perhaps an opportunity to show what he can do. Keep your ears open for any hints about him getting the start.



Son Heung-Min ($23.38, TOT vs BHA): The EPL’s leading scorer. Only his teammate is putting up better numbers. He is pricey if you are buying at retail, but against a soft BHA defense he might be worth it.

Matheus Pereira ($13.24, FUL vs WBA) Pereira is a safe choice most weeks, as he does the things that you want out of a midfield fantasy player. But against Fulham, he has a chance for a big game.

Kevin De Bruyne ($13.66, SHU vs MCI): The best player in the league has been injured and not at his best. But he still is the best player in the league. He’s still affordable, and now is the time to get him.

Gareth Bale ($3.02, TOT vs BHA): Dirt-cheap filler, perhaps for an NMA-17 Fantrax side that has an injury to replace? And he can also fill in at forward.

Hakim Ziyech ($3.23, BUR vs CHE): He played 80 minutes and scored in Champions League, so I’m assuming he’s ready to go. Chelsea have a solid match-up, so if you don’t get him this week, be ready.



Harry Kane ($27.26, TOT vs BHA): Five goals an eight assists! He is doing it all. It’s an insane price, but he feels like a must-have against BHA this weekend.

Aleksandar Mitrovic ($7.12, FUL vs WBA): He should really have more goals than he does. Against the Baggies, he will have more chances. He’s an affordable option with a big upside.

Raheem Sterling ($10.12, SHU vs MCI) With limited options up front for City, Sterling is a key attacking option. He scored midweek in Champions League, so he is picking up some confidence and determination.

Mason Greenwood ($3.51, ARS vs MAN) He’s the cheapest attacking option on an inconsistent team, playing against an inconsistent defense.


At the time of this writing, Arsenal, Leicester and Tottenham are all about to play their Thursday matches in Europa League. Come back Friday to join the Pre-deadline Chat for late injury news and the confirmed Friday lineups (Wolves hosting Eagles)! Let us know how you’re feeling about the week and players you’re recommending! Good luck!