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UEFA Champions League 2020-21 Group Stage Draw: Dragon and Koi

UEFA Champions League 2020-21 Introduction and Group Stage Draw

Paris Saint-Germain v Bayern Munich - UEFA Champions League Final
UEFA Champions League 2019-20 Winners
Photo by Matt Childs/Pool via Getty Images

Waterfall Legend

While a dragon is well known globally as a symbol of strength and power, a koi is a peaceful fish that swims in schools in East Asian rivers. An ancient Chinese legend, introduced to Japan by Chinese invaders back in the 1800s is now a famous tattoo in both Japan and America. It speaks of a school of koi swimming up a waterfall. The higher the school swims, the more koi are pushed back down to the bottom.

The few remaining koi are noticed by demons for their insistence and strength, so the demons raise the height of the waterfall in spite. Eventually, and after long years of swimming up, one koi reaches the top of the waterfall. Its strength and perseverance is noticed and praised by the gods so they turn the koi into a golden dragon to reward its impossible achievement.


UCL 2019-20

In last season’s UEFA Champions League, the German dragon Bayern München was crowned the winner in a final battle against Paris Saint-Germain. The same season witnessed a couple of koi in France Ligue 1 outfit Lyon, Bundeliga RB Leipzig and Serie A first time UCL participants Atalanta. However, the waterfall proved too high to climb.


What to Expect from NMA

Never Manage Alone will survey all the UCL 2020-21 participating clubs during the next couple of weeks. We will also publish articles on how to play the UCL fantasy game, followed by player picks for each round of play. Finally, stay tuned for NMA’s live-chat that will provide latest team news and last-minute injuries every match-day to avoid unnecessary losses of fantasy points!


UEFA Champions League 2020-21 Group Stage Draw

Held in Geneva Switzerland, the 32 koi were picked one by one to learn just how high this year’s waterfall is so they may start planning their journeys to becoming a dragon the top.


Award Winners

2019-20 season winners’ goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and defender Jushua Kimmich were awarded the best performers in their respective positions. Kevin De Bruyne, Pep Guardiola’s only almost-fixed starter, was named best midfielder. Finally, the award for best forward went to the one and only Robert Lewandowski.

It was announced by the end of the broadcast that the winner of UEFA best player of the year is Robert Lewandowski!


Group Stage Draw Preliminary Analysis

Without a doubt, groups D and H can be considered as the groups of death. If Atalanta and Leipzig continue the recent good form, it looks like there should be tough competition until the last minute. Group C’s Manchester City is set for another walk in the park after last season’s similarly easy draw.

The qualifiers from Groups E and G seem predictable, while the remaining groups’ eventual 2nd place survivors are a little harder to see. Last but not least, Group F is going to be filled with chaos. All four clubs are strong in different ways, but each has a history of inconsistent performances, so it is expected the difference in fantasy will come down to how good a fantasy manager can utilize the low budget yet high performers of this group.

Stay tuned during the Premier League’s off-week to learn more details on each would-be dragon and prepare your UCL fantasy team for the first match-day on October 20.


What are your thoughts on this year’s Champions League? Will you join NMA in fantasy UCL? Please talk to us (and ask questions) in the comments.