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NMA’s FPL & Fantrax Virtual Pub Live Chat: International Break Edition

There’s no EPL action this weekend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t chat. Come on in — the bar’s open!

Burnley fan enjoys a beer at the pub outside the stadium prior to a match - Premier League
Ironically, this “Claret” fan is drinking beer instead of wine. But whatever your beverage of choice, pour a glass and join us!
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

When the coronavirus pandemic shut down the Premier League last spring, we at NMA began doing live chats in our FPL & Fantrax virtual pub to replace our usual match-day live chats. Rather than getting together over the internet to watch games, we instead joined up for a simulated pub visit. Sipping our beverages of choice, we let the conversation take us wherever it wanted to go. It proved to be a great way to stay connected to the NMA community while we all waited anxiously for Project Restart to launch.

Eight months later, the virus is still with us (and some of our favorite players!), but football has returned. So has international football though (don’t even get me started on the wisdom of that), and this weekend many of the Prem’s stars find themselves scattered across the globe in service of their national teams.

That’s a bummer for EPL fans, but the brief league hiatus offers us another opportunity to flip on the lights inside the FPL & Fantrax Virtual Pub. So pull up a stool (or just recline on your couch), and pop a top or uncork a bottle. It’s time to enjoy some socially-distant fellowship with your friends at NMA!

Let’s chat!



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