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Rate My Teams: FPL, Fantrax, & UCL

Three of my teams are out there for your viewing pleasure (aka your critiques and advice).

Diogo Jota - Liverpool - Premier League
Do you have Jota across all formats yet?
Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

I spent the 2019-20 season mourning the loss of the Togga format I had loved, and focused that year primarily on my draft league (which didn’t go well, as rebound relationships rarely do). But this season I’m all in with a total of five different teams across multiple formats. It’s a lot to manage, but I love it.

Here’s where I stand in FPL, Fantrax NMA-11, and Champions League.


I’ve been playing Alex McCarthy in goal, which has worked out okay (but just okay), and he has a solid next few games. I need to move Ramsdale out for Martinez, but I haven’t been willing to use a transfer on that move yet.

While James Rodriguez was a solid pick early this season, I have already held on to him for too long. He and Mateus Periera are most likely making room for Diogo Jota and James Ward-Prowse. I didn’t use a transfer this past week, so I’m able to make that change and pick up some cash for an upcoming move. I’m waiting to pull the trigger until the end of the week, as injuries and COVID have made me cautious about any early moves in FPL.

For now, I’m content but not quite excited with my team up front. I’m looking at handing the captain’s armband to Timo , Bruno, or Kane.

Fantrax NMA-11

In Fantrax NMA-11, I’ve had a disappointing season thus far. I’ve been slow to follow a few trends and often don’t take my own advice. I’ve held onto players I should have dropped and dropped players I should have held.

Ederson has had a few tough games, but I still feel okay with Manchester City’s back line when healthy. The Citizens have a decent set of games coming up, so for now he stays.

I’ve bought two Leicester City defenders to replace Andrew Robertson and Danrell Furlong who were solid but not great for me last weekend. Sheffield United simply can’t score goals right now, so I’m feeling okay with my Foxes’ back line. Telles walked off with a little limp, so I’m keeping an eye out for his report.

I’m set with my midfield for now. I don’t anticipate many changes barring injuries.

I grabbed Jota on the barn door, as his price will keep creeping up. He is goal-dependent, so he makes me a little nervous, but he also scored in four of his last five games. I’m scared to drop Kane with the festive season coming up, but I don’t have him as cheap as many of you do. The game against Chelsea was a reminder that some match-ups matter. It’s a good reminder. Jamie Vardy is still scoring goals but doesn’t have the best match-up and will most likely give way to a Man City striker, Timo Werner, or Mohamed Salah.

Champions League

My Champions League team is still struggling to rise above mediocre. I’ve had some players who aren’t getting full games. I’ve moved them out, bringing in Marcus Rashford and Duvan Zapata.

I have dealt with some injuries in the back but feel solid with this group going forward. I’m still happy with my pair of keepers thus far.

Also, I’m feeling okay, but just okay, with my midfield. No superstars here, but I have players capable of solid outings.

Up front is where I have my money. Erling Haaland continues to score goals and will keep the captain’s armband. He has been my one consistent bright spot. Immobile had a good game last match week, and Zapata rounds out my forwards.

So, what do you think? What changes should I be looking to make? Where am I getting it right? How are your teams stacking up?